loving winter.

Liam fell for winter spring. winter was an ordinary girl who loved , well winter and Starbucks :)! dose she love him? find out in this snow filled love story.


1. forever

   winters pov

  I shrugged off my heavy coat and hung it on the hanger as I swiftly pulled down my Starbucks uniform , witch smelled of hot coco and coffee.

 " hello" said a raspy deep British ascent I looked up and saw two boys. one had messy brown curls and green eyes. aww he was so cute. in a little kid way. ( I am 20 now!!! *said with pride* ) and the other was pretty good looking as well. he had pretty chocolate brown eyes, and a freckle on his jaw line.

" what can I get you boys " I ask politely, because that's how you get tips. Hey you would to if you lived off them.

 "two caramel macchiato please "

 " alright , that will be 5 minuets . what's your name love " I ask in my oh so boring Irish ascent while pulling my long brown hair into a bun at the top of my head. just then I see a blond boy run in the café . ( yes it is a café , looked it up- A/n)

 " Niall ?" I ask , I haven't seen my bestie in years!

 ' win, is that you ? " he asks then adds " if your win then what was the last thing I told you before I left ?"

 " you told me too make a name for myself and that when I did you will come and find me"

 " oh it is you, iv missed you ." he said and I come out from behind the counter so he could hug me.

" who's your friend "I ask pointing behind me

" oh that's Liam, hey you should go get with that " he said , so I hit him upside the head then laphed at his expretion.

 " hey Liam this is winter you should go take a walk and get to know each other beater ." he said with a smirk.

 Liam nodded and took my hand which shot tingles through my arm as he led me through the cold winter snow and talked about any thing and every thing their is. he loves toy story and batman .I giggled and screamed the superman was beater, and that he could beat batman any day. he learned a lot about me to. that I like the movie love actually and that my most loved number was 10. we sat down on a near bye bench and I leaned into him . he smelled good . like Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million .yah like that . I could sit hear forever.

" yah me too" he sighs

" wait , did I say that out loud?" I ask

 " yah, " he chuckles " but I would stay like this forever to, forever . I like that." 


thank you so so much for reading , it is a honor . really. I'm a Liam's girl so yah this was easy for me to right. comment or like if you liked it.


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