It Runs In The Blood*Fight for Survival Epilogue*

Caden Hawks is a born victor. Born into a family with generations of brutal,ruthless victors, Caden is forced to train. Being Cato and Clove's son, he has high expectations to uphold. When he is thrown into the Games at the age of 14, will he become one of the Capitols youngest victors? Or will he die in the arena with his parents watching?


9. Chapter 9

When the gong sounds,I'm off. I reach the Cornucopia first. I grab a bunch of knifes and two swords. The next person to arrive is Sparkle.With no regret, I kill her. As she faces away from me, I throw a knife into her back. Then,Granite. I throw one into his chest. Veronica and Aqua have already grabbed weapons and are chasing down Seven,who is pretty good this year.

I continue to kill. District Three is running toward me with a sword. Easy. A knife plants itself into his chest. I then see District Twelve, the boy, has fallen. I slash him with sword before he even knows what is happening. Next, it's  the girl from District Three.Another easy kill. I fling her across a storage bin. As she falls to the ground, I grab an ax and embed it into her chest.

This is all to easy. I turn around to see the boy from Six behind me. I duck just in time. He swings a sword over my head. When on the ground, I bring the ax into his side. He falls and I finish him off. Then I see the boy from four running away with a few swords and a kukri. The only kukri. That is mine. I chase after him and tackle him. I stand up and pull him up with me. I put my hands around his neck and snap it.

I take his weapons and run back to the others. Veronica is in a fight with a huge boy from Eleven while Aqua is chasing down a few who scurry away.As running back, I see Ten leave with a nice ax. That is also mine. I pick up a spear and throw it. Ten is a good forty yards away. He falls to the ground when the spear impales him in the back of his neck. That's eight.

A boy from a district I am unsure of scatters through boxes. His head goes into one. When he looks out of the box, I slash him with the kukri. Nine. As I kick his corpse aside, I see a mace. Yes. I grab it and chase down a girl. I kill her within two hits. Ten.

I walk back. Veronica and Aqua meet me."How many?" I ask them.

"I got One. The boy from Eleven put up a good fight." Veronica responds.

"I got three. How about you?" Aqua asks while shaking the blood off her sword.

"Ten." I reply like it is nothing.

"Dang." Aqua replies shockingly.

"Let's grab all the weapons,food,and supplies. Then they can collect the bodies."

I go and pick up over three dozen knives and stuff them into my jacket. I grab another vest and load it with knives. I buckle eight swords to my belt. I plan on giving a few to Aqua and maybe one to Veronica. I grab a few spears,a mace, a machete,three throwing axes,and a variety of other weapons. The girls sort the food and supplies.

"Here." I hand Aqua three swords. She willingly takes them."Is there a bow?"

"Yeah, here." Aqua hands me one with a sheath of arrows.

"Alright, we got food and medicine. Lots of other supplies two." Veronica has packed a bunch of backpacks.

"Here." I hand her a small dagger and two swords. I have tons of knives,five spears,three swords,a bow and a bunch of arrows,a kukri,a machete,a mace, and a nice arrange of other weapons like axes and nunchucks.

"Let's go. We got everything. Give me a backpack." Veronica hands me one. I stuff a bunch of weapons into it. I sling my bow and sheath of arrows over my shoulder. I attach the spears to the backpack. I put the kukri and machete in my back pockets. The knives are scattered around my vest and jacket. I take one sword out of a sheath that is attached to my pants.

"Who killed One?" Veronica asks.

"I did." I say starting to walk off into the desert. The Cornucopia is in a meadow. The meadow is surrounded by desert.

"We have water,right?" Aqua asks.

"A ton." Veronica replies.


"So, let's go hunting. Let's see-" I am interrupted by cannons. I count them. Fourteen. Ten I am responsible for."Ten to go."

As we walk, we find nothing. We do reach a forest. I decide it's time to camp out."It's getting late, let's camp out here.I'll keep watch."

Veronica lays down with her ax in hand. Aqua does the same. After I can tell Veronica is soundly asleep, I wake Aqua up."Aqua,wake up. It's Caden."

"What do you want?" She asks.

"Come on. And be quiet." I take all the backpacks. I hand two to Aqua."We are leaving."

"Why?" She whispers.

"Ten left."

"Let's go."

Aqua and I take all the supplies, leaving Veronica with an ax. We travel all night and get pretty far.

When the sun begins to rise, I am getting tired."Want to camp?"

"Yeah, let's climb." She responds. We both climb into a tree and sleep.

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