It Runs In The Blood*Fight for Survival Epilogue*

Caden Hawks is a born victor. Born into a family with generations of brutal,ruthless victors, Caden is forced to train. Being Cato and Clove's son, he has high expectations to uphold. When he is thrown into the Games at the age of 14, will he become one of the Capitols youngest victors? Or will he die in the arena with his parents watching?


2. Chapter 2

When I got to my room, I thought about Lilly,my beautiful girlfriend. I sat my sword and knives down on my bed. I look out the window. It is still light. I grab a knife,since I never leave without it, and walk down stairs."What the hell?"

"Your dumb-ass believe it. It's not even seven." My mom laughed.

"I realize that now."

"Hows Ms.Lilly,Lover Boy?"

"How many times do I have to say, do not call me that." I throw a knife at the door.

"Don't take your angry out on the door." My dad laughs.

"Good point. Where are our dogs?"

"I don't know."

"Fucking fly." My mom pulls out a knife and throws it. It embeds itself into the wall. I walk over and pull it out. I wipe the bug remains off of it and hand it to her."Nice cleaning job."

"There is another one. I got this." I throw the knife across the room at a fly. It lands in the wall.

"Not to bad, for a kid."

"What can I say, it runs in the blood."

"Shit, it's my teacher!" I shout and run behind the couch.

"What the hell is she doing here?"

"She is here to talk to you. I'm not here." I run upstairs. I sit down on the stairs. Out of sight,but in hearing range.

"Can I help you?" My mom says to my teacher with an attitude.

"Yes are you Mrs.Hawks?" Mrs. Woods asks.

"No, I'm Ms.Springs."

"Are you Caden's mother?"

"That'd be me."

"Later." My dad says and sits next to me on the stairs."I don't like teachers. Never have. Never will."

Clove invites Mrs.Woods in and they sit down."What did you need?"

"Well,Caden has been skipping school."

"Well, I'll make sure to talk to him. Bye."

"No. This is a serious matter."

"Caden living is another one."


"He is training. He needs to focus on that."

"School is more important."

"Not really,no."


"Well, I'll talk to him. Bye."

"No, Caden has been bringing weapons to school. Now, it seems Caden doesn't have a dad-"

"Caden has a dad."

"Well, by your name-"

"We aren't married, but Caden has a dad. Clove Springs and Cato Hawks. We won like two Hunger Games. Yeah, we are his parents."

"Oh, sins."

"Yes, I've killed a few people?"

"No, kids before marriage."

"We are engaged."

"Where's the ring?"

"He got me this instead." My mom pulls out a knife. It drips a bit of blood. Not sure how, but it does."More my style."

"I see why Caden is so messed up."

'What the hell is that supposed to mean?" I run downstairs.

"Nothing. Now, goodbye." As she opens the door. She stops. A knife sticks into the door. Right above her head."Sorry for disturbing you!"

"Bitch." My mom mutters. She pulls the knife out of the door.

"Won't you get in trouble?" I ask her.

"Nah. I'm considered 'mental unstable'."


"Combination of things. I almost killed my mentor, I almost killed him, and Snow,my dad. Then my head. Yeah, lots of reasons."

"It's official."

"What is?"

"I have the best parents."

"Damn right you do!" My dad laughs.

"Who wants to watch the Quarter Quell?" My mom asks. She is talking about the one she was in. 

"Let's go!"

As we watch the 3rd Quarter Quell, it occurs to me how extremely deadly my parents are. Yet, they are the best parents anyone could ever want. Guess I'm just lucky. I see why my mom just tells me to suck it up. She had broken bones,missing teeth,cuts,and a serious head injury coming out of the arena. People who participate in the Games, are scarred forever. That doesn't bother me. The risks are worth it.

Watching the Games makes me realize, I want to play.

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