It Runs In The Blood*Fight for Survival Epilogue*

Caden Hawks is a born victor. Born into a family with generations of brutal,ruthless victors, Caden is forced to train. Being Cato and Clove's son, he has high expectations to uphold. When he is thrown into the Games at the age of 14, will he become one of the Capitols youngest victors? Or will he die in the arena with his parents watching?


19. Chapter 18

After orientation is over, I return home with my family only to find two Peacekeepers at the door."What do they want?" I complain. Everyone shrugs.

"Message from Snow." One of the Peacekeepers hands me a piece of paper.Everyone looks at me.

"Stop. Nothing to see." I shrug and open the door."Hey, when do I get my house?" I question.

"Sixteen." My mom says walking through the door.

"Why sixteen?"

"Because I said it."

"No, really."

She shrugs."I don't make the rules."

"You don't follow them either." My dad says jokingly, but my mom glances back at him and he smiles."It was a joke." 

She just glances at him before turning away to get a knife."Read it." She looks at me and demands."Caylen, go find Ellnna."

Caylen runs up the stairs and I open the letter."What the-"

"Caden, language." Ellnna says coming down the stairs.

"Flip." I finish.

"Please,don't take after your father." 

"Flip, I almost tripped." My dad laughs.

"Cato." Ellnna looks at him."You have a four-year-old."

He shrugs."Caden is fifteen."

"I'm fourteen." I correct him.

"You're almost fifteen, though." He adds.

"I turned fourteen four months ago."

"I knew that."

"Sure. Anyway, the letter says the Victory Tour was cancelled because outer Districts weren't happy with the fact Two and One have Careers."

"One barely has Careers. You can call those what they want, but the training program sucks."

"My excuse is that the train systems are not functioning."

"That's a great excuse."

"It is. It takes a genius to come up with that one."

"Sure does. Trust me, that tour sucks."

"You should know."

"I do. To many horrible dinners."

"Yeah. I'm going to sleep."


I get up and go to my room. I get undressed an crawl under the covers. It's good to be home. I'll be here for another two years. Why not enjoy it?

When I wake up, I head downstairs."Hey, do I have to go to school anymore?" I ask, almost running down the stairs.

"You never went in the first place." Ellnna corrects me.

"Where's Mom and Dad?" I ask walking past the table where Caylen sits. I sit down next to her.

"Tie my shoes." She demands, putting her foot up on my chair."Please, Cay."

"Fine." I sigh and tie her shoes."Where's Mom and Dad?" I ask again.

"They left a little while ago." Ellnna says while cooking in the kitchen."Want some breakfast?" She asks in her heavy foreign accent.

"Sure." I nod.

"You must stop cussing,Caden. It will only get you in trouble."

"I didn't cuss!"

"I'm just telling you. Your little sister will take after you and we don't want that. She is just so sweet." Ellnna said rubbing Caylen's cheek as she handed me a plate. She was never extremely nice to me or my dad for that matter.

Caylen snapped at her touch, turning her head toward her and giving her a suspicious look.

"Thanks." I mumble.

"What was that,Caden?" She asks.

"Thanks.Was that loud and clear enough?" I  roll my eyes.

"Such an attitude. Cato and Clove never punished you. You were just the perfect child to them."

"Still am." I smirk.

"To be perfect it means no killing, no cussing, having manners."

I purposely chew with my mouth open and talk with the eggs in my mouth." I have manners."

Caylen laughs and tossed a butter knife up and down."Look,Cay!"

I caught it when it was in the air."Here." I toss it to her and she catches it, continuing to throw it up and down afterwards.

"Caylen, no!" Ellnna shouts, running over and pulling the knife from her.

"What?" Caylen hisses. Caylen reaches over and takes my knife.

"Caden, don't let her take that." Ellnna shouts at me. I have realized with two of us, Ellnna can't take control of us. Caylen was always defiant, despite her love everything nature that has changed. I was always a brat. My parents spoiled me, giving me almost anything I wanted. Ellnna could never handle me and now it's no different, except there are two people defying her now.

I pull out a real knife and hand it to Caylen."Welcome to District Two." I roll my eyes.

"Not everyone here is like this."

"Okay, fine. Welcome to the Hawks."

Caylen begins tossing the knife up and down."This is fun!"

"No weapons at the table! Don't make me tell your parents." Ellnna threatened.

"Like they care."I shrug."I'm going. Bye." I say standing up. I put my plate in the sink and walk toward the door.

"Are you going to Lilly's?" Ellnna asks.

"No." I blankly say.

"Bring Caylen to training then."

"Fine.Let's go, Cay." I say and I walk out the door and Caylen follows.

"Cay, why aren't you going to see Lilly?" Caylen asks. We both call each Cay, since it's in both of our names.

"She is in Four with her parents She won't be back for a few months."

"Are you sad?"

"She goes almost every year."

"Have you beat anyone up in the Training Center?"

"A few." I lie. More than a few."Why?"

"Will I  get in trouble if I do?"

"Nah. You really changed, so quickly."

"I was lying. I was always like this. Ellnna just told me to be sweet and love nature, so I listened."


"She told me I'd fit in if I did."

"I knew that was all fake. The flowers and stuff. You wanted a knife when you were two."

"Ellnna doesn't like Daddy."

"Or me. Do you know why?"

"She said it's because both of you are rude."

"She said that about me?"

"She also said you were defiant an a spoiled brat. She didn't want me to become like you."

"That's nice." 
"She said you cuss to much and you try to hard to be like Dad."

"Seriously, what did I ever do to her?"

"You were a brat." Caylen shrugged.

"Oh, shut up."

"Do you think I could win the Hunger Games?"

"You can't if you act like Ellnna wanted you to."

"Well, I'm not going to."

"Then, yeah, sure. Just practice. Don't just use knives."

When we got to the Training Center, Brutus made me work at the front desk. I guess I am a trainer now and this is one of the duties.Working with people is something I am not good at.

"Hi, I need to speak with a trainer. Yesterday my son was being picked on by another kid." A lady came in and said to me while I was messing around with some knives.

"I guess I'm a trainer." I shrug."Who's your kid?"

"Barkley. He came home yesterday and he hand a scraped elbow. He said some girl pushed him."

"Cay, do you have any water?" Caylen came in and asked me.

"Mom!" A little boy shouted. I guess he was with the lady."That's her."

"Oh, look. It's Barkley. Do you ever stop barking?" Caylen  laughed at the boy."Cay,  please give me water. Or buy me one!!!!"

"Okay, just wait." I tell her.

"Can  sit up there?"

I nod and pull Caylen up onto the counter.

"Barkley says that is the girl bullying him. Shouldn't you rempremand her?" The lady questions.

"I'm not her dad." I shrug.

"Then, if you know her so well why don't you contact him."

"Cato!" I shout.The lady rolls her eyes.

"What?" My dad walks in to the front room.

"This lady says Caylen is picking on her kid. She wanted to speak with her parent." I look to the lady."That's her dad."

"Your daughter is hurting my son!" The lady said, trying to be calm.

"Okay? We'll keep record of it?" My dad replies.

"Will you tell her to stop?"

"Stop." He looks to Caylen.

"Dad, he's being a jerk! Ask Caden! He was here when he took my knife." Caylen looks to me."Remember, Cay?"

"Yeah, he did take her knife. Well, my knife. I let her use it." I respond.

"Barkley, go to class." The lady says to her son who runs into the training room."You are no help. If it happens again I will speak with your boss." She storms out.

"Here." I hand Caylen some water and my dad leaves.

"Thanks, Cay." She says taking a sip."Bye!" She jumps off the counter and opens the door.

"Bully him!" I shout, trying to seem like I'm joking.

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