It Runs In The Blood*Fight for Survival Epilogue*

Caden Hawks is a born victor. Born into a family with generations of brutal,ruthless victors, Caden is forced to train. Being Cato and Clove's son, he has high expectations to uphold. When he is thrown into the Games at the age of 14, will he become one of the Capitols youngest victors? Or will he die in the arena with his parents watching?


18. Chapter 17

After we got to the Training Center, Brutus shook my hand. He took Caylen to practice some knife throwing and I went to my parents. They were putting out the different weapons so I went to help.

I arranged the swords by the types of sword and then size. I wasn't good at organizing my room, but weapons I was.

Before I know it, it is five. People start coming in for the orientation. A crowd gathers with their young kids in the main room of the Training Center.

I walk in after Brutus. I find my parents and stand by them."Hello, guys. I'm Brutus. I'm the head trainer here. Tonight, we are going to be showing you what we teach, our teaching philosophies, and then you can talk to our trainers. So, we have about seven trainers here,including me. I'll introduce you to them now. Enobaria and Leo, who are back there. Enobaria is the winner of 62nd Hunger Games and Leo is the winner of the 46th. We have Lyme, who is also back there. She won the 43rd Games. Then, there is Cato and Clove. You guys should know them. 74th and 75th Game winners. And our seventh trainer is their son Caden. He is just starting. He won this years Hunger Games."

The parents looked at everyone of the trainers. I was shocked how many kids actual wanted to do this. After Brutus speech, he came over to use."Clove, can you take knives? Cato and Caden, you guys can take spears and swords."

"I call swords." I say to my dad.

"No, swords are my thing." He replies.

"And spears."

"I like swords better."

"Why don't we both do them then?"


We walked to the swords and spear station, which were next to each other. A bunch of people came over with their kids, curious to what we had to say. They all asked questions about volunteering and stuff.

"Excuse me." A lady tapped on my back.

"Yeah?" I turned around.

"My son wants to use these. He is already in the class, but Brutus said he can't use them yet. Why?"

"Safety. They have to go over rules."

"He is letting some kids. I attended a training session once. That little tiny girl over there was able to use whatever weapons she wanted, but yet my son didn't."

"Who,Caylen?" The woman pointed to my little sister. I looked over there and saw my sister throwing knives while my mom talked to some guy."She has the right to."

"Why? She can't be better than my son. He is great with knives.His grandfather is a victor."

"Great. I just have to say that Caylen is better. You can go talk to knives if your son is so good at those. My mom is doing that station." I roll my eyes and pick up a spear. I throw it into a dummy.

Some kid comes up behind me and asks,"How did you do that?"

"I just did." I shrug. God, I hate kids.

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