It Runs In The Blood*Fight for Survival Epilogue*

Caden Hawks is a born victor. Born into a family with generations of brutal,ruthless victors, Caden is forced to train. Being Cato and Clove's son, he has high expectations to uphold. When he is thrown into the Games at the age of 14, will he become one of the Capitols youngest victors? Or will he die in the arena with his parents watching?


11. Chapter 11

As I walk away, I hear the hovercraft. I turn around and watch it take the two bodies. I also see a trail of blood. Damn it. I forgot. My finger is dripping blood.

I sit on a rock and go throw my bag. I pull out a bandage. I wrap it around my finger. It hurts like hell. How could an apple take my finger off? I look at the rest of my finger. It is cut up and bruised.Of course, it bleeds right through the bandage.

I get a parachute. It's painkillers, a shot for infection,and more bandage. The note reads,'Your dad always claimed you were most like him. I think the whole good show thing is most like me? Agreed? Well, Not quite sure about that apple. Anyway, good luck. This should help.-Clove.'

"Thanks." I laugh. No one is round,but cameras are. I wonder why she signed Clove.

I take the bandage off my finger. I bandaged it with the new stuff. It is much thicker. Literally seconds later, I get another parachute. I open it. A shot to stop bleeding. The note says,' Good kill. Stupid-ass apple. This should prevent bleeding.-Cato."

I take two painkillers. I save the rest in case I need it later. I inject one shot into one arm and one into the other. I feel better already. The pain wasn't unbearable,but it certainly hurt. I have been stabbed before and the pain level was the same to that.

After I fix my finger, I decide to go back to camp. I'll just take what I need and blow the rest up.

When I get there, I take some food, a blanket,a rope, all the weapons but the bow, the first aid kit,water, and I grab a bag of apples. I get pretty far away. I do not want to risk my hearing or risk getting hurt. I can throw far. I can throw a spear over forty yards.

I grab an apple. I throw it. It sets one off. We obviously did a bad job at setting this, it blows half the supplies up. I throw another three and the supplies are gone. They launch sky high. I throw the rest of the apples and run. Debris could hit me and Veronica will be here soon. I go west. After I am far away from my original camp site, I slow down. I count my kills. Eleven. Five others dead. So,  that leaves eight including me. Final eight. Wasn't it obvious I'd make it this far.

As I am walking, I hear footsteps. Both from Eight  step out in front of me. They have swords. A girl comes out behind me.

"Caden. The famous Caden." The girl from Eight laughs.

"Am I really that famous?" I laugh.

"Well, we are here to steal that fame! We will be famous for killing the precious victor's child,Caden. Why do you think you are so good?"

"Because it's true." As they talk, I pull out a knife. The approach me and corner me. I am pushed against a tree. I throw a knife into one of the girl's chest. She had a small dagger.

I kick the girl from Eight in the head. She is knocked unconscious. One cannon booms.

The boy tries to stab me with his sword. I simply move to the side. The sword gets stuck into the tree. I grab him and throw him into another tree.

"I can still beat you." He says,winded from hitting his head into the tree.

"Liar." I slam my fist onto his windpipe."I'll make this quick so I can deal with your little friend."

I pull out my kukri and cut his head off. The cannon fires. His corpse falls in front of me. I kick it to the side. I turn to the girl who has just began to wake up.

"Please. Please,do not kill me! We can be allies!" She crawls back as I approach her.

"I don't need allies to win.I need people to die. " I laugh and pull out an ax. I bring it down on her. Another cannon.

I smile and pull the knife out of one of the girls. I toss my bloody kukri up as I walk away. I slip the bloody ax onto my belt and the bloody knife into my jacket. Fourteen.

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