It Runs In The Blood*Fight for Survival Epilogue*

Caden Hawks is a born victor. Born into a family with generations of brutal,ruthless victors, Caden is forced to train. Being Cato and Clove's son, he has high expectations to uphold. When he is thrown into the Games at the age of 14, will he become one of the Capitols youngest victors? Or will he die in the arena with his parents watching?


10. Chapter 10

"Caden, why didn't we just kill her?" Aqua asks me and she pulls a blanket over herself.

"I wanted to make things a bit interesting." I laugh. I am on a different branch. I pull my blanket over myself and fall sleep. I am awaken by a parachute. It lands on my lap. I eagerly open it. It's quite big. I'm hoping some sort of weapon. It's some food and a box. A box full of knives. A few are fold-able swords. I pull out the sharpest,meanest looking knife and exam in. I close the box and shove it into a backpack. I keep one knife in my hand.

The next morning I am awaken by the sound of footsteps. I listen and calculate when they will be directly under me. I throw the knife when I think they walk by. Luckily, my calculations are only a bit off. It's Aqua.

"Really,Caden?" She asks.

"You need to warn me." I say, pulling the blanket it off and untying the rope. I stuff it into a backpack and climb down the tree with both."Ugh, we really need to do something about these supplies."

"We do."

"I have an idea,but I don't have the supplies." A parachute drops a few minutes later."How convenient is that?"

"Pretty convenient. What is it?"

I open it. It's for both of us. It's signed Annie,Cato,and Clove."It's stuff to set a trap."

"Like nets?"

"No, kind of explosives. We can root this wire to go around our supplies. We won't have to carry everything."

"Oh, I know how to do that!"

"Me too. Let's get started and we can eat and hunt after."

For about three hours, we set up the trap. I make sure our supplies will not blow up if someone decides to try and steal from us. We pile our supplies in the middle. I hide a few weapons in there. I can't carry around all of these.

"I got a sponsor last night." Aqua says after we finish.

"What was it?"

"Food. Have you got any sponsors other than this yet?"

"Yeah. I got food and a box of weapons."

"A box?"

"It was full of knives."

"Can you spare a few knives or a weapon of any sort?"

"I must have one-hundred knives. How many you want."


"Here" I pull out five and give them to her.

"Thanks. How do you have so many?"

"I took ever single knife in the Cornucopia and I was sponsored like fifty." 

"People like you."

"What's not to like?"

"A lot."

"Hey, it was a question you were not suppose to answer."

"What did the note say?"

"Be safe and do not explode."

"Yeah, I'm almost one-hundred percent sure that was from your parents.'"

"Oh, yeah. It was definitely them. No doubt."

"I'm surprised Annie has managed to get me anything."

I got out some food and Aqua did the same."Maybe she isn't so crazy after all. I'm surprised she would send you one."


"We are allies."

"Your point?"

"My dad killed Finnick."

"Oh. Gotcha. "

We sit there and eat. After we eat we leave to go hunt. We bring only one backpack. It has some weapons,medicine,and other things just in case. There are still ten,including me and Aqua. The girl from Twelve is the only one I know of. I believe her name is Rose. I only know this because she is related to a girl my mom killed. I think her last name is Everdeen.

"I think we hunt down Twelve." I say. We have walked quite a ways from our camp. I know the way back though.

"Why is that?"

"You really want to know?"

"Of course. We have time."

"Well, if I am right,which I don't know if I am,she is related to a girl my mom killed."

"And that makes you want to kill her more why?"

"My parents always told me she took their glory. Plus, she was the reason my mom has these horrible head aches." She gives me a weird look."Ok, it's a long story. My mom went to kill her and since she was in an alliance with this girl, she told the boy from her district that my mom had killed the girl. Which,she hadn't. Therefore he slammed a rock into her head twice."


"So,you want to kill me?" A girl with a bow walks out from behind a tree.

Aqua draws her sword and I take out my kukri. Forget a knife. I'd prefer a more violent kill."You heard us right. Rose? Rose Everdeen,right?"

"Yes. Caden Hawks?" 

"You got it. Now, if I were you, I'd put the bow down. It will be less painful if you do."

 An arrow flies past me and embeds itself into Aqua. I can't tend to her now. I need to kill this girl.

"Just me and you now. Your little ally is gone." She smiles.

"You were related to Katniss,right?"

"Yeah,she is my aunt. If it wasn't for your stupid parents I might of known her."

"I think I'll kill you just like my mom killed your aunt. How does that sound?"

"Quite well." She shoots arrow. I am able to dodge it. She goes for another arrow and I knock the bow out of her hand with my sword.

I poise the kukri at her."What now?"

She pulls out an apple. I laugh."What are you-" She throws it at me.It hits the tip of my finger. It hurts more than I thought. I look at it.Blood gushes out."What the fuck?" It took off the top part of my finger. I look up and she is running at me with a knife in hand.

She tries to tackle me and fails. She is so small compared to me. She runs into me and stumbles back. I grab her by the shirt and throw her into a tree.

"So?" I laugh. With my bloody finger I draw on her face. Taunting my victims is very fun.

"You are pathetic. Killing a girl from Twelve. You have had all the training,all the right medical care, good food, and I'm sure you are very spoiled. You probably live in some big house in Victor Village where your parents give you anything and everything. It's obvious you'd kill me. I'm weak. No food,no medical care,no training. What are the odds of me killing you."

"Shut up." I slam my fist onto her windpipe."Guess you can say that I am spoiled. If you are trying to get through to me, it's not going to happen. If you think I'll spare your life for your stupid reasons, you are dumber than I expected." I laughed as her face filled with hatred.  

"I promised my parents if I got to you I'd give everyone a really nice show." I open my jacket to a nice arrangement of knives. I pick a curved one."Where shall we start? Got any ideas,Twelve?"

She tries to get free of my hold."Forget it. I am going to kill you. Another Everdeen lost to my family. My dad killed Peeta, my mom killed Katniss, and I'm going to kill you." I survey her face."Your nose. That is a good start. Give the forest a good smell.It will be your last. I could wait. And let your last smell be blood. Yes, that is better."

She spits into my face."Fine. See you are in a rush." I cut off her mouth. Blood flows down her face. I feel evil. It's not a feeling I hate. It makes me feel accomplished. I grab her hands and cut off her fingers. One by one. She wants to scream in pain,but cannot.

"What's that,Twelve?" I laugh.She obviously doesn't reply."Exactly what I thought."

I decide her hands should go next. I cut them off and they fall to the ground."Revenge for my finger. The blood only helps. You should of known that. Me being a Career and all."

She moves her handless arms  and slaps me in the face."Oh god. Now I probably have some sort of poor girl disease." My comment was rude. I'm sure people aren't to found of me for it,but come on. I wasn't exactly raised to be the nicest boy.Let's just say my parents raised me to be the meanest. I think about them laughing right now.

"Fine. I'll put you out of your misery." I back away from her."It still won't be quick.Which knife?" I pull our two."Oh,I forgot. You can't talk.I like this one.Let's just use both." I throw one into her right shoulder and the other into the left. I continue to use the knife that I used on her before.

As I approach her, in a last effort she tries to kick me in the crotch. I grab her leg and slam her into the ground."Good try." I kneel next to her and slit her throat open."Goodbye,Twelve. Sleep good." I kick her before pulling the knifes out of her.

I turn around and remember Aqua."Aqua!" I run to her side.

The arrow is in her stomach. No medicine will cure this. She is dying.Damn,Aqua was a great ally. I got along with her really well. I considered her a friend. I feel for a pulse. There is nothing. The cannon goes off.  It's hers. I take one of her swords leaving her with the other. I pull the arrow out of her stomach. I lay it beside her. 

Twelve is gasping for air a little ways away. She'll be dead within a minute. I go through her bag. Nothing. I do not have any use for her bow and arrow considering I have one at camp. I grab my backpack and walk away.

"Goodbye,Aqua." I say as District Twelve's cannon fires.

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