It Runs In The Blood*Fight for Survival Epilogue*

Caden Hawks is a born victor. Born into a family with generations of brutal,ruthless victors, Caden is forced to train. Being Cato and Clove's son, he has high expectations to uphold. When he is thrown into the Games at the age of 14, will he become one of the Capitols youngest victors? Or will he die in the arena with his parents watching?


13. Author's Note

Hi! If you guys made it this far, well you know everything about the Hawks and stuff. Well, I have added something to keep the series going. If you'll go back to chapter 3 you can read it. Otherwise, I'll just tell you.

So, Caden has a younger sister. Her name is Caylen. She is four and Caden states she is almost better at him at throwing knives. She looks just like Clove. Caden states he does not get to see her must(not only because he is always at the training center) because she is with Ellnna or learning to throw knives.

Enjoy the new character :)

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