Fire 2

"We can forget all of the bad things and then start new."
"Is that enough for you."
"Do you love me?"
"As long as you do, it's always enough for me."


4. Tears are like liquid knives. (I swear I'm turning this into a Fallout Boy Album.)

 "I'm in love." Justin announced. Ryan and I cocked our heads to the side.

"With who?" Ryan asked entwining our fingers as if to say 'better not be her'.

"Please don't say Rhianna." I shook my head.

"Ew. No. She's gross. Anyway, her name is Gabriela."

"You mean blue hair, blue eyes, lip piercing Gabby?"

"Yeah, you know her?"

"She dated my friend Sarah."

"Mm. I had no clue. You think Sarah would wanna play?"

"Sarah is in no way straight. Not even bisexual. She's totally turned off by pigs like you."

"I'm turned off by you, and I'm straight." I smirked. Justin looked taken aback. "Sex ruined you."

"Not all of us can be like Ryan, maybe it wouldn't've ruined me if it was Amanda who took my virginity."

"I don't think so."

"Well I was in love with Amanda, not you. And now she's dead."

"And that's my fault? I didn't make her move to Canada, I didn't make her go to that party." he glared at me.

"I didn't either." his voice cracked a little. "She did all of that herself."

"You didn't follow her."

"Neither did you."

"I wasn't in love with her." Silence."So anyway, Gabby." I finally spoke. "She looks like Amanda doesn't she?" he sighed.


"You had sex with her right?" he nodded. "And she's pregnant?" he nodded again.

"You got Gabby pregnant?!" Ryan shouted. 

"What are you her dad?" I asked.

"She's like my sister."

"Why haven't I met her then?"

"She's um.." Ryan tried.

"She's not a good girl like you."

"Exactly, she's dangerous."

"I... I can be dangerous."

"No no babe. I'm talking about you're the preppy cheerleader type of popular..."

"And she's the bad girl, smoking in class, fucking in the bathroom type of popular."

"I think she sells pot from her locker..."

"She covered a store floor with Lube one time because they fired her."

"Okay, okay I get it she's reckless." I threw my hands up. "I'm a goody goody."

"But you're my goody goody." there was a ring at the door. "Pizza!"

"Oh pizza!" Justin turned to follow Ryan. I caught him by the shirt.

"Your not staying for pizza."

"What why not?"

"It's hard enough to share with Ryan. Not two boys. Not today." I shook my head.

"Fine." he trudged to the door and walked past the pizza guy. Ryan walked back in the living room.

"Ready to eat?"

"Fuck yeah."


I had beaten Ryan in COD about 10 times now, and he only 3. He still couldn't get it through his little brain that I'm better at this game than him. 

"Okay, if I win this game we cuddle. And if you win, I'll do a strip tease."

"Will we cuddle naked?"

"We might. That depends on how I feel."

"Will we have sex?" he smiled.

"Depends who wins."

Ryan won, by one shot. One. I tried hard to avoid my bet.

"There's no poll."

"Then give me a lap dance." I sighed and ran up the stairs to change. I slipped on a bustier and one of Ryan's old foot ball jerseys which barely covered my ass. Of course I had to put on a thong and heels. Once I discovered I was wearing all red I went on a hunt for a Santa Clause hat. I finally found one and plopped it on my head. I ran down the stairs to find Ryan sitting on the floor. He looked up at me and his eyes widened a little. I ran into the kitchen and pulled out a bottle of red wine and two glasses. I placed them on a trey and poured the dark red liquid into the glasses. I walked out and placed the trey on a table by the couch. "Wow, you look..." I put my finger over his mouth to shut him up.

"Sh. No speaking."  I turned to the iPod on the iHome and looked for a sexy song, and finally landed on Gorilla by Bruno Mars. I ran my hands all over my body, letting the jersey ride the slightest bit. I slipped the shoes off my feet and crawled over to him. I was eye level with his knees. I put my hands on both of them and pushed them apart. 

I snaked my way into standing position. I looked down to see Ryan holding his wine glass with his mouth agape. The jersey was sliding off my shoulders and  I let it go more and more, and just as Bruno Mars was singing "Look what you're doing" it was on the floor.

"Wait." Ryan put his hands on my hips. I sighed


"What happened to Amanda?" I groaned.

"Well if I start this, odds are I'll end it in tears."

"Please?" I sighed again and pulled the jersey back on. I sat beside him and sighed again.

"Justin was very serious about this girl, kind of like you and I are. So in love."


They would look at each other like there was no one else in the world. If you saw them in the hall way, even on someone's worst day, you'd smile at the sight of them. They were quirky, though he was a Jock, he was clumsy around her, she was kind of an outcast, with her blue hair and heavy eye liner, but he always made her smile. I met her first. 

She was new, and back then her hair was jet black. She wore these really tight pants a hoodie and converse. People were staring at her as if she were crazy. So of course I approached her. I was the type of popular that even if someone tried, I couldn't be over thrown, too many friends, too much money. Everyone looked away.

"Let me guess, Amanda Hawking." I flipped my hair, which at the time was the brightest shade of fire truck red, an insult to all un-natural redheads everywhere, but everyone said they liked it. What assholes letting me walk around like that. 

"Wow. You must be a magician." she scoffed. I rolled my eyes.

"I like your piercings." I smiled acknowledging her nose stud and lip ring. "My parents are so uptight they won't let me get any."

"Well, when your rich you have to be all preppy and shit."

"How do you know...?"

"Sweetie, I notice things, like even though that shade of red is awful it was done professionally, and I can almost feel how heavy that purse is with money. Only rich kids bring a purse to school period. But you're different. You don't mean to look so preppy, you just are. And you're not even taking a risk talking to me, because no one else is as rich and popular as you." she talked really fast. "But I like you. So it's cool."

I died my hair brown a couple nights later. Not that it matters, but maybe it does. Maybe I would still think that color was cool. 

Now fast forward 2 months ahead. I took Amanda to a party where we met up with Justin. He smiled at her, but she had missed it as she ran over to the snack table. I offered him a smile.

"Girl loves her food." I chuckled. He nodded.

"I can tell." I never got to witness their meeting as I whisked away by Jacob, but the next day he was touring  her around the school, something I had already done. When I had asked she explained, "I have never seen this part of the school". Which was a lie, since she had most of her classes on that side of the school. I nodded, giving her an 'I get it' look and left them alone.

Fast forward 2 years. Justin had discovered she was moving to Canada with her parents. She told him two days before. He was furious, for two days too long. It was last time he would ever see her. About a month after she had moved I got a call. It was Amanda, who had never bothered to contact me before. I was excited to finally talk to her again.

"Are you you sure you have the right number?" I asked jokingly.

"Are you a friend of Amanda?" I was startled by a man's deep voice.


"I'm afraid I have some bad news." 


"Amanda's body was found on the side of a highway. Shot twice in her skull or something."  I took a shaky breath. 

"Did they find who did it?"

"Um yeah. This genius at a party decided he wanted to bring his drug dealer over to pay him. Someone had stolen his money that he put in his bedside table. The party was small, four or five people total. He went on a murder spree, the drug dealer. Killed everyone in the house, including the idiot who brought him in. He-" I took another deep breath. "He and his gang took the bodies to different locations so he wouldn't get caught." I felt tears stinging my eyes as I took yet another deep breath. "They caught him ripping up the carpet, with her and everyone else's blood on it."

"I don't know what I'd do if you got murdered."

"Same if you you died. Ryan, there's too many people I've lost in my life already. Don't you dare leave me to die."

"Scarlett, I have to."


"It's all I have to put money on the table."

"We have money, Ryan! We've got it made!" 

"No. You've got it made."

"Ryan, that money isn't going anywhere but in our pockets. You don't have to do this."

"Well then I want to do this. For me. To prove I'm not like my father."

"You're nothing like your father."

"Bullshit." he looked me dead in the eyes. I let a tear fall. "You didn't know my father but if you did you would know I'm everything like him. He was so passionate about the little things. The almost unnoticed sprinkle of garlic salt on his favorite pizza,the lipstick stains on my cheeks,from weeks of mom's kisses every morning. He didn't seem like the type to crack like that."

"I'm sorry, I didn't know." my voice was shaky and I felt like I was going to throw up. I looked at the clock, it wasn't even noon yet. "I need to go to the bathroom."

"Then go." I practically sprinted down the hall. As soon as I got in the room I felt the stomach acid rise in my throat. I threw up.


"C'mon, you know you've been thinking about it all night long so just do it." I bit my lip pulling on Ryan's tie.

"We don't have condoms." I started unbuttoning his shirt.

"Well you'll just have to pull out now won't you?" I kissed his neck, leaving Cherry red lipstick on the collar of his white button down. "I like the suit."

"I like the dress." My dress was short, but elegant, a sleeveless top lace dress with the back out. I slipped my hand into his boxers. "What happened to being lady like?"

"It got boring." I smirked.


Did he? I was so drunk I couldn't remember a single thing about that night, except we had some pretty fucking amazing sex, but that's only because my back was sore and the scratches on his back said it was rough. I slid down the wall. No I told him to pull out, and he did. I believe he did. I shook my head blinking out the thoughts. I splashed water on my face and rinsed out my mouth. I took a deep breath and opened the door.


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