Fire 2

"We can forget all of the bad things and then start new."
"Is that enough for you."
"Do you love me?"
"As long as you do, it's always enough for me."


8. School...

After everything that's been going on, I'm dreading going back to school for the next 5 months, with minimal breaks in between. Though I have been feeling better, the pills I have to take suck. Vitamin b12 pills can make you lose weight, something I don't want or need, but birth control will kinda balance that out, though the doctor says that the birth control might interfere with the effect of the b12 supplements, and if that happens I will have to stop taking birth control.

"Ready?" Ryan was leaning against the door in a leather jacket and skinny jeans.

"Can your dick breathe?" I asked.

"They're not that tight."

"They are that tight." I laughed pulling on the belt loop.

"I think I can survive the day with tight pants." 

"I got my tight pants."

"Please don't."

"I got my tight pants on!" I sang with a goofy grin.

"Oh god. That's the last time I let you watch anything with Jimmy Fallon." I laughed pulling him towards the door.

"Come on let's go. A long day of mindless doodling lies ahead!" 

"Wait, where's your ring?"

"I hid it upstairs."

"Why can't you just wear it to school?" I smiled wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Aw. It's so sweet that you want to show it off to everyone, but this house has security, no one will steal it, but at school, well. I'll wear my other one, not the real one."

"Fine. Let's go."


I explained to the cheer coach that if I feel dizzy, I'll have to take my pill and sit out for a while. She wasn't too happy with me being out since I'm a huge part of the routine, but she couldn't really do anything about it. My vitamins actually worked better than I thought so I got to go through the routine without stopping.

"Perfect! I'm gonna let you guys go earlier than usual. Get to class!" Coach Bernin smiled at me. I ran to the bathroom and changed into my normal clothes, I think I'm the only cheerleader that doesn't like to wear that slutty uniform all day. It's gross it gets hot and sweaty and ew. I know Ryan would be so pissed seeing me run around the school like that. He got mad when I wore it to the games, but I promised to take it off if they won, so of course it was motivation. 

I walked out to find Ryan standing by the door. 

"Hey beautiful." He gave me a dimpled smile. 

"Hello to you too." I kissed his cheek and he hooked an arm around my waist."What do you think ponytail or no ponytail?"

"Ponytail, it makes me think of the dirty things that you could do."

"Ryan!" I squeal as he smacks my ass.

"I know babe. I was just kidding." he kissed the top of my head. "But the ponytail looks really good. Now stop blushing."

"I'm not blushing." And then is when it started.

Boom. Boom. Shriek. Before I could think Ryan had picked me up and ran towards a bathroom he ran in and locked the door behind him. A panicking voice came through the intercom.

"CODE RED CODE RED THIS IS NOT A DRILL." There were girls all around the bathroom.

"Ew. Do you know how much blood is going to be on that carpet? At least I'm safe."a girl chuckled.

"Shut up, Gabby." Another girl glared. That name sounds familiar.

"What? I have a life growing inside me." She smirked. Now it really rings a bell. Her blue hair was pulled into a messy bun with a red bandana she takes out lipstick. It's bright red and looks good on her pale skin. I try to focus on the color of her lips and try to avoid the fact that it slightly resembles blood. Boom. Shriek. Sob. That's when I notice the sobs are coming from me. Ryan wraps his arms around my waist pulling me into his lap. "It's fine, you're safe, everyone out there got dealt the unlucky hand in life."

"What if-" I sobbed.

"Don't say that. What if's are just you thinking the worst. What if my uncle is the one murdering people out there? What if-" someone beats on the door.

"HELP HE'S COMING." A girl shrieks. I run to the door and unlock it to let her in. It's Grace. She looks and sounds so much smaller when she's so terrified. I lock the door after she stumbles in. I turn the lights off and find my way back to Ryan and curl up to him. There's silence. Complete silence, then there's footsteps.

"Gabby I swear to god if that's you.." Ryan threatens. There's a gulp.

"Sh. It's not me Ry." She says. I scrunch my nose in jealously. Ry? Seriously? As if he read my mind he squeezes my waist. "He's out there." She sounds scared now, not like it was ten minutes ago.

"Call the cops." Ryan whispers in my ear. I nod and look for my phone.

"Shit it's in my locker." The door handle jiggles. I hold my breath. I know it's locked but what if... The footsteps fade out. "Gabby call the cops." I tell her.

"I broke my phone last night." She sighs. Someone tugs on my t-shirt and I look over at Grace who is still shaking in the corner. Then I noticed the blood.

"Grace did he shoot you?!" I squealed. Everyone turned to her as I threw in the lights. "Where's the wound? We have to put pressure on it!"

"There's no wound. It's... It's not my blood."


"I tripped when I was running away and I-I fell on... On Thomas." She choked on her words and I let out a terrified sob.

"But.. That's not fair! He can't walk!"

"I-I" Grace handed me her phone. "There's more kids out there hiding. Help them." I know that she wouldn't be able to speak to the police, even being right next to her I could barely understand what she was saying. I nodded pressing the emergency button on the screen.

"911 what's your emergency?"

"Someone is in my school with a gun. I- I think he shot someone."

"Okay please send me the address of your school and we'll send someone over right away." I was relieved when I hung up the phone, but that quickly faded when a voice came over the intercom.



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