Fire 2

"We can forget all of the bad things and then start new."
"Is that enough for you."
"Do you love me?"
"As long as you do, it's always enough for me."


6. Have a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year pt, 2

I took a deep breath waiting for 5 minutes to be up. I was waiting for Ryan to come back from his training session and catch me holding a pregnancy test, which never happened.  My phone buzzed sounding the timer, ending the five minutes. I looked at the packaging, then the test. Negative. See I knew it. I haven't even been throwing up recently. It was just that once, it was nerves. Yes it was nerves. I'll go to a doctor anyway.

"Scar!" Ryan's voice rang through the house. I wrapped the test and the package in a plastic bag and stuffed it into the trash.

"I'm upstairs." I called to him. i began rushing down the stairs. Ryan smiled when he saw me. I ran into his arms as he swung me around. I giggled kissing his lips. 

"Come on we have to go to bed." he sighed putting me down.

"What? I'm not tired."

"Tomorrow is New Year's Eve! We have to stay up all night so we can be naughty into the new year!"

"You are a pig."

"Fine we'll eat and then go to sleep."

"You can go to sleep. I'm going to take a bath."

"Oh? I'll take one with you."


"Yeah. I'd love to see you wet and soapy."  he growled playfully. I swatted his arm and he chuckled.

"Okay. If you can last the whole bath without having sex with me, then I'll go to sleep right after."

"That's not fair."

"Isn't it though?  No sex for thirty minutes, for a night filled with hot, sweaty, rough..."

"Okay okay I get it. You're on."


"Are you coming or what?" Ryan asked from the bath. "The water's warm and waiting for your breathtaking body to slip in."

"cheesy!" I smiled.

"Well cheesy can be good. Cheesy tacos. Cheesy nachos. Cheesy cheese." I rolled my eyes. "Now  get your arse in the bloody bathtub." I stepped in and laid on Ryan's chest. "You know what would be really sexy?"

"Hm?" I asked closing my eyes letting the water relax my mind and body.

"If you got a tattoo right here." his fingers brushed the back of my neck.

"Of what?"

"Anything you want." I sat up and turned myself around.

"You'd look really sexy with tattoos everywhere."

"Well not every where..."

"Every where."

"You really think I'd look good with tattoos on my..."

"Okay so not every where." Without realizing it I was straddling him. "But we should get tattoos. You and me." My hand slid down his arm. "When we're old enough."

"We can just get Carole to okay the tattoos sign some stuff and boom. Tattoos." His fingers entwined with mine. "I mean if you wanted to."

"I do. It's just Carole isn't the type of person to support tattoos." Ryan looked puzzled.

"Carole has a tattoo."  

"She does?! Since when?"

"Since she got it on her birthday two years ago." 

"Where is it?"

"Her arm. It's very small. Maybe she'll show you some time." I laid back down.

"That's disturbing."

"It's a flower. In a very pretty shade of scarlet."


Of course Ryan won. The talk of Carole and a tattoo took away any spark of arousal in both of us. So we went to bed at 6:30 pm. I didn't think that I could fall asleep so quickly, but Ryan's new t-shirt was really really soft and I fell asleep  with his fingers drawing small circles on my back.

"Scarlett. Scarlett wake up."  Ryan's soft voice rang. i mumbled something that I can't recall. "SCARLETT WAKE UP." My eyes flew open startled. 

"What the fuck Ryan?!" 

"You've been sleeping for 16 hours!" 


"Yeah what's up?"

"Nothing I just..."

"You've been sleeping in a lot lately... have you been feeling dizzy?"


"Have you thrown up lately?"

"Um... yeah on Christmas, and maybe two days ago."

"Okay I think something's wrong. We need to get you to a doctor." I felt my eyes getting heavier and heavier. "Scarlett. Don't fall asleep." his voice was getting further and further away.

"I-I'm not. I-I jus-st need a few more... a few more minutes..."

"Scarlett. Don't fall asleep!" Ryan's voice was the last thing I heard before everything went black.



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