Fire 2

"We can forget all of the bad things and then start new."
"Is that enough for you."
"Do you love me?"
"As long as you do, it's always enough for me."


10. free

"RUN." Ryan screamed and I obeyed. The rest of the girls had already left and even though I know the gunman won't come flying out the window, it's still a possibility. Then bam. I'm out of breath.

"Ryan... I-I my pills..."

"Fuck where are they?"

"My locker."

"Dammit. Um... Get on my back." I nodded weakly and wrapped my arms around his neck. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he began to run, or jog is more like it. Before I know it we're in the parking lot, sitting on the curb with Gabby and Grace. "How's she doing?"

"This was as far as I could get her. She's shaking too much to even crawl." Gabby sighed.

"Gun. Man. Car." Grace pointed with a shaky finger to the street. "Good. Car."

"Grace there's nothing the-" there was a faint sound that made me stop mid sentence. "Sirens. Sirens! The police are here!" I beamed. I hugged Ryan close to me.Tears stained my cheeks as the police pulled up. An ambulance pulls up next to it and car after car pull up. SWAT team. 


They loaded Grace into the ambulance along with other students who were either injured or mentally unstable. 9 people were killed today. Thomas and the principal included. The SWAT team found the gunman in the bathroom we had just escaped from, dead. I smiled a bit at the news of his death, but it faded as they wheeled out the stiff bodies covered in a white, blood stained sheet. I buried my face in Ryan's sweat shirt. 

"It's okay as soon as they take count we can leave. I promise, we can go home and I'll make dinner and we can talk about it or you can cry about it. We can get out of here I promise."  I nodded hugging him tighter.

"No! RUN! RUN!" I screamed as he shot another person. "STOP! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!" 

"Scarlett! Scarlett!"


"Scarlett wake up! Wake up!" I gasped opening my eyes. "It was a dream. It's okay now." He wrapped his arms around me laying back onto the mattress. "Do you want to talk about it?" I shook my head.

"I just want it to go away. Make it go away." I grabbed his face in my hands kissing him hard. Is this how I resolve my sadness for death? Sex? I almost did with Jacob after my parents died, and then Justin after my baby, and now Ryan after the school shooting. But it hurts, and I feel so terrible, I just want to feel good... just for a second. 

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