Chasing dreams

" Niall, You have to chase your dreams! " i whispered looking down at the green grass,
He came closer to me, closing the distance we had between each other
He put his index under my chin lifting my head up,as our eyes met
" But darling my dream is you".... he whispered in my ear his hands on my hip
" Then chase me... " i whispered turning on my heels and walking away.


2. Never felt so good

 Alice P.O.V

There he was standing at my door step... what was i supposed to say what was i supposed to do? he left for 3 years not even trying to communicate with me... I should be fucking pissed but I'm not... why aren't i? Is it because i missed him too much?! GOD I HAVE TO STOP FUCKING ASKING MYSELF QUESTIONS LIKE THIS!!!

I felt tears rising in my eyes,i ran to him and pulled him into a hug.. His smell so sweet like mint.. His blonde beautiful hair tickled my nose making me giggle in his shoulder.

" I-I missed you so much.. " i whispered into his ear sobbing quietly. " Missed you to Al... " he whispered kissing my cheek. I pulled away from the hug staring into his sea blue eyes, whipping my tears...

" But you are the worlds biggest jerk you do know that " i said giggling " Oh and how is that? " he said grabbing me gently by the waist and smiling at me, i blushed giggling " Well... First you don't introduce me to your friends Second No talking to me for 3 YEARS?! Pfft intact you have past jerk now your just  a douche " i giggling hitting his arms playfully, he chuckled " Oh right... Well these are my band mates. Harry or Hazza, Thats Louis or Lou,Thats Liam or Li and Thats Zayn or Zaynster. " I looked at all the boys smiling " Lovley to meet you guys wanna come in cause hum its freezing outside.... " i asked walking back in the house " Yea we would love that " Liam said sending me a bright white tooth smile.. I know this is going to sound geeky but Damn that is some good dental hygiene...

They walked in and shared their ' ooh's and 'ah's ' i giggled " You guys want to hang in the movie room? Im kinda in the mood of playing Call of duty... " i said turning around as they followed me into the hall " YOU PLAY CALL OF DUTY!? " Louis yelled with excitement, i giggled and nodded a huge smiled slapped a crossed their faces " NIALL CAN I MARRY HER!! " Harry yelled running towards me landing on one of his knees i giggled " Lets make a deal first one to get to the movie room and grab my favourite '  Cheeky monkey..Cookie dough ' Gets my Ben and Jerrys ice cream stash... " There eyes shot up, i giggled " Ready... Set.... GO! " and they were off looking for it, I felt a hand grab me spinning me towards them " Hey darling " he whispered " GOD DAMN IT NIA- " i was interrupted by his soft lips on mine, The kiss was everything i expected and more! his soft lips on mine the taste of mint and strawberries god i can't lie this kiss was fucking great! he slid his hands to my waist and mine slid to his neck we were interrupted by Louis yelling " ALICE I CANT FIND THE.... Ohhh " he stood there staring at us as my cheeks flushed bright red " am i interrupting? " he asked wiggling his eyebrows " yes " Niall said, i nudged him in the stomach, he yelped " No your not interrupting Louis Niall has to go find my ice-cream  " i said skipping of to the game room, Niall hot on my chase...

I turned around and cupped his face leaning in as i pecked his lips " That never felt so good to try " he whispered in my ear.. " I know " i said as i hugged him..


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