Electronic Eye

K is a not-so-regular boy. His parents are greatly obsessed with all things technological, and spend so much time on them, that they have no time for him. Known as K, his real name is potassium. Which means he's just a living joke for his parents. Even though he hates technology himself, he has an eye. This eye means he can see through anything. Well, anything with a technological part in it. And in the year 498 NE (new era), EVERYTHING is electronic, except the outskirts. And no one ever goes there. You are born and die where you were born. But K wants to explore. And he has full intention of going there.


1. A day in the life of K

"K! Wake up!" I hear from my bedside. 

"Fine, Fine," I mutter darkly, not excited to be perturbed from my sleep.

"Wake up! Wake up, K!" A deeper voice exclaims. I slam my hand down on the alarm clock programmed to sound like my parents, annoyed. Were you thinking they'd care? NOPE. Not my parents, at least. Man, I wish I were born to a different family.

I stumble down the stairs, seeing my mother sitting at the table, using her No-Touch. 

"Another new product, Mom?" I ask, bored. "When did this one come out?"

"Midnight last night honey. Glad you noticed. Now go on now, I'm busy on YouTwitFace. This new Viral-Vine is great!" Mom laughs.

I wander to the stove, refusing help from the nearby electronics. I REFUSE to use any electronics. It's already gross enough looking through them.

I taste bile in my mouth suddenly. I know. It's just Betty, our robotic housemaid. Only the most complicated system in our house. Ugh. I feel like barfing just by looking. Yep. You heard me. I have the Electronic Eye, the prize of our generation. It gives me the ability to see straight through any electronic device. You know what else?

Irony. That's what. Me, who has hated electronics all his life, is blessed with the electronic genius of generations. Yup. Life's a jerk. 

Now that you know a little about me, lets end it here for today.

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