It's Her

Emma Caldner hates One Direction. Yes, Eleanor Calders half sister. The thing is Emma hasn't seen Eleanor in years because she has a tight schedule. Finally Emma's parents force her to go spend the summer with Eleanor. Big change! Emma ends up meeting Niall and Harry and she falls in love, so do they. What will Eleanor say? And who will Emma pick? Is she switherland?


4. chapter 3


                 The next day I wore this and I curled my hair. I went downstairs and smelt fresh cooked muffins. "Mhh, El what did you make?" I asked. "You look cute and just muffins for my favorite little sister!" she said and tapped my nose and smiled. "Uh El I am your only sister.." I was wondering why she was in such a good mood. "Oh well silly I just wanted to do something nice for my little sister to show I love you". "Awh I love you too El" I said and wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her into a hug. We both laughed. "So what is on the agenda for you today?" "Just going to hang out with Harry, he wanted too so I just agreed" I shrugged. "I told you that boy loves you". "Oh El" I said laughing and grabbed a muffin and nibbled on it. BING! One new message! I looked on my Iphone. \

Harry: Good morning beautiful! Hurry up and come over I want to see you!

 I laughed and El looked at me. "What?" she asked. "Just Harry is being impatient and wants to hang out now". "Oh just go and have fun, I will catch up with you later". I laughed. "Bye!" "Bye. And with that I was off to the Tomlinsons home.


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