It's Her

Emma Caldner hates One Direction. Yes, Eleanor Calders half sister. The thing is Emma hasn't seen Eleanor in years because she has a tight schedule. Finally Emma's parents force her to go spend the summer with Eleanor. Big change! Emma ends up meeting Niall and Harry and she falls in love, so do they. What will Eleanor say? And who will Emma pick? Is she switherland?


30. chapter 17

"Emma!!" Screamed Peyton as she came to Eleanor's house. Sense I am grounded I can I only have Peyton here. We have been catching up from over the last few months when Niall came in and Peyton squealed. No one knew officially about Niall and I there were rumors but not yet. Peyton was obsessed with Niall. Niall came and wrapped his arms around me.

"Peyton this is my boyfriend, Niall". They exchanged shaking hands and looks but Niall suddenly seemed less interested in me.

"What are you guys doing?" I asked and they snapped out of there trance and i rolled my eyes.

"Sorry babe" Niall attempted to recover and kissed my forehead. After that they started talking and I left the room when they didn't even notice. I went downstairs and no one else was home so I called justin.


"Hi" I said

"What's wrong?" He asked me. He always knew when something was wrong

"Nothing just bored"

"I can fix that, I'll be there in 5"

"Ok" I said and hung up and I quickly left a note on the counter


I know I am grounded but Niall and Peyton are ignoring me. Text me if you need me. Don't wait up with a friend



I waited and finally justin showed up in a black SUV.


"Hi" I said and we hugged and then he sped off to a house?

"Where are we?" I asked

"At my well house this is where my mom and I are staying for now until I go back on tour". I nodded and would miss him when he left. He opened my door and helped me out and I muttered thanks and we headed inside.

"Mom I'm home" justin called.

"Hey honey who's this" she said and smiled

"This is.."

"Emma. Justin has talked so much about you".

"He has?" I asked and smirked at him😏

"Yes he has" she answered

"Moom stop, come on let's go upstairs" he said took me hand and was aggravated

"Nice meeting you!"I shouted. Justin showed me around and then we watched insidious chapter 2 and he got scared and cuddled with me. I checked my phone and had no messages. After the movie I had dinner with his mom and him and laughter filled his house. Then it was around 7:30 and I decided to head home and Justin kissed me goodnight, I let him. But it was just a peck. When I got inside I went right upstairs to find Peyton and Niall clothes off. Not fully but enough.

"Oh my god!" And they looked at me. That's when I ran out of the house and they followed well at least Niall and while I was running it started to rain. Niall was behind me in a car and I took alley ways which his car wouldn't go through. I climbed where justin and i watched the stars a few nights ago and I tried calling justin but no answer and I only had one other person who would understand. Harry.



"I need your help" I said and that's when he showed up in his car while I was drenched. It was warm outside though sense it was summer. We'll I only had 7 days left and then I was supposed to go home if my dad would wake up.

"Just warning you that Lauren and I are together" he sounded happy.

"That's ok I just need a friend"

"Ill be there in 5"

"ok" and I waited for him finally he arrived with Lauren in the front seat.

"Harry I only staying on night because I am staying with my other friend"

"ok" he said and gave me a supportive smile and squeezed my knee. I gave him a smile and he started off and I watched as him and Lauren held hands and were laughing. I wanted that. Finally got to his house and he let me stay in the guest room even though it was only around 3 I cried myself to sleep and didn't wake up until the next morning.

  When I woke up I texted Justin  and I had 49 missed calls from Eleanor and the boys. Someone knocked

'Come in.." and Lauren burst in.

"Look I want to help, Harry just got off the phone with your sister and there headed over here and will be here any minute" I looked around alarmed.

"Do you have a back door in here" I asked and we heard door slamming doors in the front. Lauren locked the door and motioned for me to follow her and so I did. We came to a balcony door and she told me to follow the path and it would lead me to Justin's neighborhood or around there. She also gave me a new outfit and her number just in case.

"Thank you" I whispered and hugged her quickly and went down the balcony stairs and ran into the woods.

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