It's Her

Emma Caldner hates One Direction. Yes, Eleanor Calders half sister. The thing is Emma hasn't seen Eleanor in years because she has a tight schedule. Finally Emma's parents force her to go spend the summer with Eleanor. Big change! Emma ends up meeting Niall and Harry and she falls in love, so do they. What will Eleanor say? And who will Emma pick? Is she switherland?


29. chapter 16

"Whee have you been I have been worried sick young lady!??!!" Screamed Eleanor sense i just got in from last night. The rest of the night justin and I went to the movies and stayed there the whole night even after it was done. You may think that's weird but Justin and I just kept talking about our lives.

"Sorry I was out with a friend" I said and just looked down at my phone and fiddled with the case.

"You could have at least called me or one of the boys to let us know you were ok!!" And that's when the boys had to walk in and look disappointed in me.

"Ok I know but I forgot, ok". I said calmly but on edge

"No just no we're not done, give me your phone and go to your room".

"You can't tell me what to do!" That's when I started yelling

"Yes I can, your still 17 and mom and dad gave me permission to take charge!!!!"

"Ugh your so annoying!!" I said and shut my phone off and left it and ran upstairs, slammed my door and locked it. I heard knocks and murmurs trying to soothe me or trying to get me to open the door but I didn't budge. I stayed in my room for the rest of the day isolating away from them because none of them not even Niall stuck up for me. About a hour later I heard the voices neat my door dye down and go downstairs and that's when something knocked against my window, a sharp noise but quickly and it kept going. I went over to my window and looked out to see Justin

"Emma wanna do something or do you want to stay up there?"

"How will I get down?" I asked

"I'll catch you I promise". He said

"Let me just change" I said and I quickly shut my curtain so I wouldn't flash him and I changed into Jean shorts and a bright yellow tank top with matching converse and I threw my hair in a messy bun and I put on eyeliner and mascara and then I opened my curtain.

"You look beautiful as usual" he said

"Thank you" I said and blushed

"Ready? I will catch you". He said with a promising look. And all of a sudden I did it, I jumped and at once I was in his arms. I was terrified but surprised he caught me.

"Thanks" I muttered

"Your welcome, now shall we?" He said with a funny tone. And I nodded and we headed into the woods so no one would see us and I didn't have a care when I would come home. At first justin and I went to the studio and he let me help him come up with lyrics and even play the guitar, as some point I came in and sang to. We sang in sync and it sounded perfect. After that we went shopping and we got sort of matching outfits. We got matching purple justin beiber shirts😂, he got jean shorts that went to his knees and I got jean high waisted shorts and we got matching converse and sunglasses. It was fun, he was like my best friend! After shopping we went out for lunch and then it became sunset and we sat on the beach and had a picnic and watched the sun go down. I had a blast and I didn't go home until 8 because he had to head back and see his parents or he would get in trouble. He helped me back into my window by giving me a boost but before that he kissed my cheek and it was perfect and he said we should hang out again and I agreed.

They hadn't noticed I had left, the boys and Eleanor. They thought I was just ignoring them because when I came down the next morning they didn't yell at me, but Niall looked hurt and I sat on the stairs, head in my hands and wished justin was with me. Wait, did I just think that? No! It can't be I was supposed to be in love with Niall. But lately ever sense I had been with justin i fell for him. Eleanor broke the silence.

"Emma you may have your phone back but you are not to leave the house for a few days". She said sternly and at least not yelling

"Wait no Eleanor, keep my phone but at least let me see my friends please".

"Emma, no that's why you got grounded and your phone taken away and you will learn NOT to do that again, understood?"

"Yes" I said and she gave me my phone and I had 10 new messages from Justin and I smirked when I saw his name. But the boys and Eleanor stated at me.

"Sorry just a message from my friend from back home, happy to see her text me" I said and lied right through my teeth and headed upstairs and just shut my door. I decided to call my old friend anyways because I missed her. Her name is Peyton. (HINT HINT: the girl Niall ends up liking even tho he is dating Emma)

Peyton: hey girly I miss you

Emma: I miss you2

Peyton: please come home and visit it's not the same

Emma: can't on house arrest for not calling while I was with a friend out late

Peyton: please at least ask for me?

Emma: fine I'll txt you the answer

Peyton: ok bye baby girl loveee youu

Emma: love you 2

*phone call ended*****

I walked downstairs and asked Eleanor.

"Didn't we just talk about this?..." She said madly

"Yes but please I haven't seen her in forever please, her parents will be there and always watch us" I begged with tears in my eyes. I really did miss Peyton.

"What's her parents number?" She said aggravated

I smiled "555-111-3344"

"I'll give them a call but stop being anti social and come see us, especially your boyfriend he is really depressed" I smirked and ran to Niall and into his arms and he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tightly

"I missed you" he said into my ear

" I can't... Breathe".... He let go and said sorry and just kept his arms around me while we all had a laugh about it and we started talking like family. But a thought came into my head as Niall's arms were wrapped around me. I wish it was.... Justin. 🙈🙊

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