It's Her

Emma Caldner hates One Direction. Yes, Eleanor Calders half sister. The thing is Emma hasn't seen Eleanor in years because she has a tight schedule. Finally Emma's parents force her to go spend the summer with Eleanor. Big change! Emma ends up meeting Niall and Harry and she falls in love, so do they. What will Eleanor say? And who will Emma pick? Is she switherland?


27. chapter 15

When I woke up the next morning I was at home in the bed. And I was still in my clothes from last night. I felt like drowsy but I would be ok.

"Good morning sleepy head" greeted my sister and the boys when I walked downstairs. Thank gosh I had fixed my hair before.

"Hi" I said and smiled and yawned, then headed towards Niall and sat in his lap while he warped his arms around me. The boys especially Harry was staring at us.

"What, never heard of being polite and not staring?" I asked them

"Yeah boys don't stare" Eleanor scolded them. They all looked away while I turned to Niall and he kissed my nose and i cuddled him against his shoulder. Harry was still staring though.

"Harry can I talk to you?" Niall asked and looked angry when he noticed that he was still staring.

"Sure.." He said and got up and went into the other room.

"Niall be nice" I said seriously.

"I'll try babe". Niall said and got up and followed him. Everyone was quiet until we heard yells and everyone ran to the other room and they were fighting while Harry was on top of Niall punching him and Niall fighting back.


"Harry no!!"

"Break it up!!

Screams came and finally we pulled Harry up and Niall came over to me but they wanted to keep punching each other.

"Niall look at me" I said and they took Harry outside but Niall was crying and I tried to soothe him

"Niall look at me please, I love you" and still he wouldn't look at me. Liam came over and tried to help but he wouldn't budge so Liam told me to go. I ended up changing into plaid shorts and a matching blue tank top with blue flip flops and my hair side braided back and I left the house not needing the drama. BING!! My phone went off and it was... Justin.


Justin: hey what's up?

Emma: nothin much just being a loner wbu?

Justin: just in the studio finishing up

Emma: ooh nicee

Justin: yeah do you want to meet up?

Emma: sure

Justin: great 👍 where do you want to meet up?

Emma: doesn't matter how about the frozen yogurt place outside and go from there?

Justin: great! See you in 5

Emma: see yah!


(Sorry guys I am writing this on my phone and it doesn't let me change the type of writing)

5 minutes later justin and I hung out and I realized that he's crazy but really fun! He kept mocking people as we walked and it was hilarious, he knew I had a boyfriend so he kept his distance but close enough to show we were hanging out. What I liked is he only wore sunglasses and regular summer clothes and liked hanging out with me for who I am and didn't care If people saw. We ended up hanging out until 11 and the by that point we were just sitting on the roof of an apartment building, talking and watching the stars and that's when a shooting star went by.

"Make a wish" he said and pointed to it. I close my eyes and wished that Justin and I would hang out more.

"What did you wish for?" He asked me

"Can't tell silly or it won't come true".

He pouted "I wished that someday you and I would be together".

"Ooh that's nice I like it".

"Really!? Want to make it come true?" He asked and I gave him the look that meant are you kidding me.

"Just kidding but not about the wish".

"It's ok" I said and he changed the subject and we talked for about another 6 minutes until someone shouted

"Hey you two get down now!!" Shouted a security guard. Justin quickly helped me down and was being a naughty boy

"Come and get us!!" He said and took my hand and we ran away while laughter came out of us and carried us all the way home

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