Who Are You

Two twin sisters move to the UK to live with their uncle after the parents die a tragic death. They think that this is their Second Chance. But not everything is as it seems.


1. Twins


1. being one of a pair; identical
2. t
bring together in close

Harmony and Chelsea.


The two twins have been conjoined at the hip since birth.

With there birthdays only minutes apart, they are certified twins.

They have been to hell and back. 

When their parents die in a plane crass on their way back from vacation, Harmony and Chelsea are forced to move to the UK and live with their uncle in London England. 

Harmony was a daddys girl, loved him with everything she had.

Chelsea was a mommy's girl, spent 24/7 with her mom.

Harmony is the tom boy not afraid to get a little dirty here and there.

Chelsea was the complete opposite, super girly girl, always with starbucks and getting her nails done.

How can they be twins of they are two diffrent people?

Only god knows.

All they know is they are sisters and nothing can break them apart. 


They were your mostly tipical twins.

They almost always wore simlier clothes.

The didnt have the same taste in boys, they didn't like the same foods, but they were definitely twins.

But they also didnt know everything about each other.

Harmony hung out with her friends.

Chelsea hung out with hers.

They had secrets that they other didnt know about.

They didnt plan on telling each other either.

They kept it to themselves.

But remained sisters.

Who told each other most everything.

The only issue is when one asked the other

Who Are You?

  Who are you today?
Will you be the sun or the pouring rain?
Who are you tomorrow?
Will you make me smile or just bring me sorrow?
Who are you gonna be when im lost and I'm scared?
Who are you gonna be when there's nobody there?
Who are you today?
Cause I am still the same.


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