Being Darcy

This is Darcy Parks and she is 14, her father is Harry Styles. You see her last name is Parks because Darcy's mom doesn't want Harry or Darcy to find out their related but Liam knows because he is the trust worthy one. What happens when Darcy gets bullied at school and goes into depression and what makes Darcy go crazy is when her mom and Liam start dating. Then Harry meets Darcy, what will happen??


2. chapter 1




                        I woke up to my alarm clock going off. I groaned and sat up and banged it and rubbed my eyes, dreading the day that layed ahead.

                         "Darcy time to get up sweetie" said my mother while she opened my door.

                           "Moom I need my privacy" I groaned and threw my pillow at her and missed.


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