Being the daughter of a famous pop star is never easy. What would make it a thousand times harder is when your supposed "Dad" wont tell you anything about yourself. Who your mom is. Why everyone else in the world knows more about you then you thought you knew. Why your never aloud to go anywhere without someone. And most importantly……why your "Dad" keeps beating you……Join the young ten year Darcy Anne as she finally learns who she really is by taking a stand against the only family shes got. It'll be difficult. But if you badly wanted to know something would you give up? If you read this book of a little girls dramatic life keep this question in your mind……how do you know that you're actually you?


2. You Have Some Explaining To Do.

I froze. How do you answer a question like that when the answer is barely visible to yourself?

"Darcy, sweetie, can you answer daddy?" Gemma asked me.

"I have to go to the bathroom." I said quickly before running off to my bedroom.


I quickly ran to my room, shut the door locking it and ran to my bed hiding under the covers.

"DARCY!!! OPEN THE DOOR SWEETY!!!" Harry yelled through the door.

"No!" I shouted quickly back before crying crazily.

I heard a key in the lock and the door opened slamming into the wall. I shivered under my blankets as I heard him walk across the room towards my bed.

"Darcy get out from there. You're suffocating yourself." He said kindly.

I stayed completely still under the duvet as I felt his hands grab the blanket pulling it off my shaking body.

"Darcy. You have some explaining to do." Harry said angrily.

"Leave me alone." I whispered timidly.

"Darcy Anne talk to me now!" He demanded.

"N-no. G-go aw-way." I sobbed.

"No! Talk to me now!" He yelled at me grabbing my arms making me cower.

"Daddy, please, don't hurt me." I cried quietly flinching in his grasp.

His face changed from anger to regret as he released what he was doing.

"Darcy. Darcy, honey, I'm sorry. Please forgive me, sweetie." He said crying.

"G-go a-wa-way." I sobbed into my hands.

"I'm so sorry baby girl." He cried getting up and walking out.

I lay there crying for who knows how long.

"Dee? Can I come in?" That would be Zayn.

"Y-yes." I whispered.

Zayn came in and walked over to my bed pulling me into a hug and resting his head on mine. We must have sat there for at lest half an hour before Harry walked back in.

"Darcy? Can I talk to you?" He asked timidly with a frown set on his face.

"Sure." I said quietly while cuddling closer to Zayn.

"Alone." Harry said firmly, looking at Zayn.

Zayn got up and put me back on the bed giving me a light kiss on the forehead and walking out whispering something in Harrys ear and slamming the doors shut.

"What do you want?" I snapped as Harry slowly walked to the end of my bed and sat down.

"Why?" He asked me quietly.

"I don't know what you're talking about." I said quickly.

"Darcy, you're my daughter, I can tell when you're lying." He stated slowly.

"You say you love me and yet you've never told them I exist. You say you love me and yet you're never here when I need you. You say you love me and still you've never taken me on tour or sang me to sleep. You say you love me and you left me on my birthday. You say you're my father and yet you've never been a father to me." I said with tears threatening to spill from my big green eyes.

Harry was full out crying by now. He didn't look as scary as he usually did though. He looked like a normal person.

"Darcy, I can't tell them you exist. You'd be in so much danger and management wont let me. People would start asking questions that could expose things like who your mother is and things could get ugly. I'm never here because of my job. I can't just quit One Direction. Its more of a lifetime commitment. I can't take you on tour because you could get lost or kidnapped. I've never sang you to sleep because you've never asked me to and I've never even put you to bed. I can't even explain how sorry I am that I left you on your golden birthday this year. I promise to make it up to you. I try so hard to be a good dad to you. I try so hard to make you feel like you're the special person that everyone talks about. I'll talk to management. Try and let you come on our next tour. Maybe I can convince them that people need to know who you are. Please, Darcy, just let me have a second chance. Let me be the dad that you want me to be. Please……" he cried to me tears spilling down his face. He looked almost……innocent.

"I can't forgive you for what you did. But I supposed I can move on……if you know why I'm mad at you in the first place." I said quietly.

"Darcy, thats not fair…" I cut him off.

"I don't care. If you love me you'd try." I whispered before walking out of the room leaving Harry behind crying.

"I'm sorry daddy. But I can't forgive you for what you did." I whispered while walking down stairs to the living room and sitting by Niall.

"Hey CeeCee. Were playing big boss little boss. You play on a team with Louis." Liam told me.

"Ok." I said walking over to Louis and grabbing some cards and sitting next to him.

Let the games begin.

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