making your own paper

because sometimes you can be just to broken to fix


1. l

The small mouse sign moved over the chrome button at the bottom of her screen and she pressed her ring finger down, making a faint clicking noise as she opened the browser. She bit down on her lip and made swirling patterns with her two thumbs as she waited. As the screen loaded, the brunette's lips quirked into a small smile, exposing the green and purple elastics on her braces. She quickly typed the website into the address bar and tucked a purple strand of hair behind her pierced ear as it loaded. As her twitter timeline loaded, she made a small squeaking noise at the amount of mentions she had. Rubbing her sock clad feet together to warm them, she clicked on the @ icon and gasped at the tweets she had been mentioned in.


"@orgasmicurls: @caseytacospence YOU LIAR"

"@oneloveonedirection: YOU TOOK HARRY YOU WHORE @caseytacospence"

"@stylesluv5: idek what to think rn @caseytacospence"

"No, no, no, no, no." She chanted as she clicked onto the attached article her palms sweating. Her leg moved up and down nervously as she waited for it to load. As the article popped onto the screen she gasped.

"Im screwed." she laughed un-humourusly. "Royally screwed." As she scrolled down the article looking at the photo in disbelief, her phone rang, emitting a collection of a particular boybanders laughter. She fell from the noise hitting her elbow off her bed as she collided with the floor. 

"Godammit" She cursed rubbing her elbow as she raised herself from her plush carpet. Simply reaching to her nightstand that was sitting beside her bed, she plucked off her phone as her ringtone progressed to the part of him speaking.

"Caseyyyyyyy... pick up you're phone love or i'l-"

"Hullo?" She cut off his voice pressing the green answer button.

"We need to talk." A deep voice muttered from the other side of the line.

Well fuck. 

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