just the beginning of it all

when i moved i felt like it changed my life i left my friends and i messed up everything up with everyone i tried to change it but in the end it was to late everyone hat e me and i had no one left when i moved i so now i really wish i was i wasn't normal there and now i really wish i was i wasn't normal there and now i have to change my self for them i hope no one finds out why i moved and i hope i dont fall in love because in the end it will always end up horrible


1. starting everything over

i could feel someone shaking me and i just groaned but then i heard a voice that i have just never heard before but i really didnt care i was so tired to think or care about who every that person was. i could feel my body becoming light so that is when i started freaking out i quickly opened my eyes and saw a guy with amazing brown eyes and just this great smile. i wanted to freak out but he was really just kinda to hot to yell at him. i just kept looking at him and then he noticed i woke up, he just smiled at me and i just felt like i was in hevan he had a great smile. ???: hi im sorry i tried to wake you up but you wouldnt get up and the plane was going to boared other people so tey could leave so i thought i would just let you sleep and i could carry you out and back to my place so you can sleep a little. ally:it is ok and thank you but you really dont have to do this for me oh and by the way my name is alexis but my old friends called me ally so you can really call me either. ???: well ally my name is liam and it is ok you look so tired that i can get my friends to get your bags so how many bags do you have so i can get them to get it? ally: um...... i dont have bags my mom wouldnt let me take my things she just put me on one of the planes and left me so i really ahve nothiing but it is ok liam:ohh im sorry i didnt knoe that and you can really just stay at my hoouse if you owuld really like to so you can figure things out. ally:ok thank you are you sure i dotn want to ruin your day liam: no dont say that you will probably make that better i can help you out to with what you need and im not bussy today so dont worry when he finished i felt my cheeks heat up and i couldnt stop smiling, i nodded my head and we headed to his car with me still in his arms. once we got to his car he opened the door and set me down but i really wish he hadent cause he was so warm and all i was weariiing was shorts and a tank top and a thin cardigan. he ran over to the other sid eof the car and he seemed like he was in a hurry but i guess it was because he was just cold. he got in the car and started warming his hands. i guess i took a quick and brave move but i put my hands around his and he looked at me like i was crazy but then he turned that into a smile and then he felt so much more relaxed. he started to lean in closer to me and guess i did to cause are lips just brushed each others and i felt like my lips and his were jsut ment for each others. we pulled away and i just started blushing so bad. liam: look im sorry about that i really didnt mean tot do that.... but i hope you liked it cause i believe it but im not sure ally: ummm.......... i did kind of like it but i dont really know wht to..... i was cut off by him kissing me again and now i could feel what he was talking about jsut that...................
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