idk this is something i was writing for my best friend so yanno


1. 13 Dresses

He blinked cocking his head to the side. Looking up and down he bit his lip deeply focused. The brunette watched him expectantly from where she was standing across the room in a lightly laced white dress. He shook his head disappointedly waving her off too try on the next one. The blonde haired boy sitting beside him looked over stunned.

“Mate that’s like, the 13th dress she’s tried on! Bloody hell the girl’s gonna be la-“

“Quiet Niall.” He held up his hand silencing the Irish boy. Niall crossed his arms across his chest sinking deeper into the beanbag on the floor of his friend’s bedroom.

“Justin my god,” She started stomping converse clad foot frustrated on the carpeted flooring of her room, “It’s just a date!” She tried to reason. But Justin was having none of it. They all knew this wasn’t just a date. The brown eyed bow shot a large eyebrow up looking at his best friend as if she had 3 heads.

“Just a date... Just A Date? JUST A DATE?!!” He exclaimed loudly quickly standing up. Casey stumbled back slightly surprised as Niall watched the scene an amused smile dancing across his lips. “My god Case, you’ve been dreaming of meeting this boy for YEARS now, not even going to get started on the dating portion of this! Are you freaking high or something?!” Casey winced as he paced in front of her yelling.

“We’re going to find you the PERFECT dress because I swear to god if you guys don’t get married, I will kill someone.” He pointed a finger at her. Niall sat in his reserved green beanbag chair watching rather amused.

“And you,” Justin swivelled moving his finger from Casey to point to his blonde friend in the chair who’s eyes widened out of fright. “You could at least help you wanker.” The brown eyed boy scowled. Niall and Casey froze looking at each other and meeting eyes before exploding into laughter. Justin scowled trying to seem menacing but failing as his friends we’re quite hilarious to watch laughing. The way that Casey would make random snorting sounds and struggle for breath and Niall would laugh so hard that he sounded like he was choking, forced his lips to curl up slightly.

As the two calmed down from their laughing fit, wiping tears from their eyes, Justin walked over to Casey’s closet, attempting to find something for her too wear. The two on the floor watched him curiously as he threw piles of clothing on the floor, until he gasped clearly finding what he wanted. He yanked in off the hanger turning to Niall and Casey, a smirk on his face.

“Now this,” he started twirling the material between his thumb and index finger, “is it.” 

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