Give Your Heart A Break (Niall Horan)

Niall though that Ariana was the love of his life..... but what happens when she left him for Nathan Sykes he was heart broken until Zayn set him up with this fiance's best friend Karlea....... will she fix his broken heart?


2. Getting Along

I quickly cleaned myself an got dressed when Lou came in “mate what are you wearing?” he asked “cloths” I said giggling “no your no wearing that come on we going out to dinner change” he orders “fine” I said as he left the room, I changed in the something simple but nice at the same time and made my way down stairs when I got down there El and Dani have shown up “Niall you look lovely” El said as she gave me a hug “tanks love” I said with a smile Dani gave me a hug as well when we all sat down there was a knock at the door “I’lll gettt itttt” Lou yelled jumping up “why hello Mrs Malik” he said making her laugh “Lou we’re not even married yet” she laughed “sooo…… ahh and you must be Niall’s new girlfriend nice to meet you im Louie” he said making me blush “hi it nice to meet you im Karlea” an Australian accent say “Ohhh she Aussie mate jackpot” Harry said nugging me with his elbow “shut up” I whispered blushing, Perrie walked in with a smile on her face as she walked over to Zayn giving him a kiss “Niall this is my best friend Karlea, Karlea this is Niall” Perrie said a my eyes meet with a part of green ones “its nice to meet you Karlea I said giving her a small hug “you too Niall Perrie has told me so much about you” she said with a smile showing off a row of perfect white teeth “well I wish I could say the same but Zayn didn’t tell me much about you sorry” I said making her laugh “that’s alright I’ll just have to tell you” she giggled making me smile “what she hasn’t ven been here for 5 minutes and she making him smile I’ve been trying for the past two weeks” Lou yelled making me laugh “babe Karlea cute girl who is single” El explained “well I see how it is then Niall” he said making me laugh even more “aww im sorry Lou” I yelled jumping on top of him giving him a hug “yeah, yeah whatever you say” he said pushing me off. We all made your way out to the cars and there were only three “ok so Niall and Karlea can go in Niall’s car and everyone else can choose a different car” Perrie said with a smile and pulled Zayn over to her car “well what do you want to talk about” she asked as we got in my car “I want to know more about you” I said with a smile “well im from Australia but I moved out here with my dad when I was in year 9 and that was when I meet Perrie, after I finished school Perrie gave me a job as here make-up artist I also dance a little and my favourite colour is red I love food hmm I think that is about it” she said with a smile “well what do you know I love food as well” I said making us both laugh “I just hope this restront has food I like cause if it dosent I’ll be in a shity mood for the rest of the night” she said making me laugh again “tell ya what if the food menu is shit we can dich and go get maccers and go eat in the park” I said making her smile “I’d like that.. oh and we have to go get ice-cream and two spoons for after dinner” she said with a widded smile “I believe we’re going to get along every well” I said smiling at her. We still had another 20 minutes till we got to the restront and I was bored “why did they pick a place to eat so far away im hungry” she wined “well I think its because they wanted us to spend more time together alone” I said making her laugh “of cores they did” she laughed “you have a cute laugh” I said as we stopped at a red light “thanks so do you” she said making me blush a little “this is the most I’ve laughed in two weeks tanks karlea” I said grading her hand “it alright Niall same goes with me and I know how you feel” she said sqwieing my hand a little “oh im guessing Perrie told you about Ariana then” I said looking over at her “yeah she did but I don’t care let not talk about them tonight it just us there together not them” she said making me smile “but what if we run into them cause I just have a feeling we will” I asked as she smirked at me “we’ll be the one thing they would hate we’ll be happy and together” se smirked “but we’re not together I whispered “yeah so they don’t know that” she said making me smirk “you Karlea are so fucking smart” I said making her laugh “I try” she said making us both laugh

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