Don't Let Me Go..

Before I fall, too fast. Kiss me quick, but make it last. So I can see how badly this will hurt me, when you say goodbye. Keep it sweet, keep it slow. Let the future pass and don't let go. But tonight i could fall too soon into this beautiful moonlight..


1. Mall Trip!

I jolted up forward gasping for air. “It was just a dream, i’m okay,” I whispered to myself. The haunting memory still playing in my head. I heard Kamrey get up and start walking towards me. “You okay Grace?” She asked comfortingly. “Uh yeah love, go back to bed i’m fine.” I whispered back. She walked back and slid back down into the pile of covers, dozing off to sleep once more. Every time i sleep i try and try to get the memories out of my head, but they just don’t seem to go away, ever. The night my parents died in the plane crash was the worst night of my life. Every day i think about what i could have done. How things could have been different. I tried once more to push the somber memories away and drifted to sleep. The next morning i woke up to the smell of Pancakes, my favorite. I pulled the thick heavy blankets off of me and stood up, wobbling a bit. I rubbed my eyes and walked into the kitchen, seeing Kamrey cook always brightened up my day. See my Grandmother Ellis owns a small bakery just in the middle of London. Kind of a bit of a hole in the wall, but she makes it work. She named the store off of my nickname, Grace. She calls it Grace’s Place. Anyways she always told me that Kamrey was going to end up working there, and what do ya know? Yep, Kamrey is the top baker at my Grandma’s Bakery. So while she goes to work i stay home and listen to tracks and watch films all day. Although i can’t complain, besides Ellis is retiring in a few weeks and then i will have to take over, so this is more like a pre-vacation. I watched Kamrey as she flipped the pancakes inside of the pan. “Are they almost done, i’m starving,” I complained, grinning at her. “Well good morning to you too Grace, and almost finished,” She replied sarcastically. I smiled and waiting a few more minutes until there was a stack of pancakes in front of me. “There, enjoy!” She said mockingly. I laughed and took a bite, giving her the thumbs up. “Getting better every time,” I said. “Really? well i have to get going, don’t want to be late!” She said as she grabbed her purse and walked out of the door. I finished up and put my dirty dishes in the dishwasher. “God i feel gross,” I mumbled to myself. After a few minutes of sitting and waiting i decided to go and take a shower. Honestly i had no idea that not working wouldn’t be fun. I grabbed something out of my closet. Picking out an outfit is always fun *note my sarcasm*. I grabbed a pair of skinny jeans and a long sleeve shirt with  one of my favorite scarves. After getting everything together i went to bathroom and started the water. About 15 minutes later.. I wrapped my hair in a towel and quickly threw on my clothes. Considering I hate the cold, I have no idea why i’m living in London. After I finished up and did my makeup which included a few swipes of mascara, and eyeliner, I decided to actually go out and do something. Oh God, trying this never goes well. I went through a mental checklist. i had everything but my shoes. I grabbed a pair of grey lace up’s and grabbed my purse, slipping my phone into one of the smaller pockets. After a trip down to the lobby and across the parking lot, I finally made it to my car. I hopped in and started the engine, If i’m right it’s about 23 degrees here. So snow and heels = living hell. As i rubbed my hands together blowing on them i heard my phone start to ring. I looked and saw that Kamrey was calling me, I picked up the phone and answered. “Hey girl!” I said. “Hey! I was wondering if you wanted to go to starbucks with me during my lunch break?” She said excitedly. “Yeah sure!, I’m actually about to go to the mall, so i will meet you at starbucks at 11, is that a good time?” I asked. “Your actually going out? and yeah that’s fine!” She laughed. “Yes Kamrey, i actually am, and okay! See ya then!” I said. “Okay, bye!” She finished as i hung up. I drove to the mall singing to familiar tunes on the radio and before i knew it i was in the parking lot. “Geez, since when has that been so close?” I said shocked. It was already 9:40 so i had about an hour until i had to meet up with Kamrey, and if you didn’t know shopping goes by fast.. really fast. About a good 10 minutes and i reached my destination FASHION HEAVEN or aka Forever 21. Me and Kamrey both fancied this store, so much actually where we have a “holiday” where we go there when the mall opens and we don’t leave until it closes. It took me half a second to find a really cute outfit. I put together a sunflower mini skirt with a black crop top, a necklace, and a small cover up. (picture down below). I bought the outfit and walked out and around the corner to hot topic. About 40 more minutes of endless shopping and i was ready to go meet up with Kamrey for lunch. I hope she’s paying cos i don’t have any money left. I walked back out of the mall and into my car. God i’m starving.

A/N : So yeah sorry for such the short chapter guys, also it’s not that interesting either but guess what oh whale b/c my mind isn't all here today 0.o


so i will be posting a chapter every Sunday! at best! i'm going to really try and stay with this story!


So if ya'll have any suggestions or prediction ideas just comment below!


thanks lovelies :)


~Shelby xx



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