Dancing Dirty

The attraction was undeniable, and chemistry was certainly there, but the sense of commitment was never there and that was the true and undeniable

wedge in between their relationship.


2. those eyes

He pulled me facing towards him but I turned around and grinded on him instead. He turned me back around "what's your name?" He asked

"I don't do names, but for tonight my name is Kayla."

"Well what's you real name?"

"I just said Its Kayla for tonight, look I was eyeing you and you were eyeing me and I already know that you were undressing me with your eyes so let's just get out of here and quit this little game that we both know will be over tomorrow."

"Very direct I like."

"Most guys do."

"So what's your name?" I asked

He had a dark sultry look to him, the dark curly untamed hair, the tattoos that ran all up and down his arms and most likely up and down other places as well. I could feel his abs through his shirt when we were dancing, and those eyes oh my god those eyes. They were like a million tiny diamonds, like a great big ocean, or a patch of green moss. The big puppy dog green eyes were going to be the death of me.

"Harry, my name is Harry."

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