Dancing Dirty

The attraction was undeniable, and chemistry was certainly there, but the sense of commitment was never there and that was the true and undeniable

wedge in between their relationship.


1. attraction

The club was pounding to the sound of the music. I could feel the vibrations that the speakers made with each musical note. I was wearing a black dress it was tight and short and had a deep v that showed my cleavage. I reeked sex appeal. I could feel the eyes of at least 30 guys on my ass and boobs. I didn't mind that's why I wore this dress. I walked over to the bar and ordered my favorite drink , a caramel martini. I got my wallet from in between my boobs but the bartender said "that man over there already paid for your drink."

I walked over to the place where he was standing walking my sexiest walk.

"Let's dance" he said

I gulped down my drink and went onto the dance floor.

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