The Lie

Have you ever felt those butterflies in your stomach? The new kid, Melody Jane, has eyes for the football star, Carter Xanderfield. But there's one problem - he's been lying about his identity for his whole life. He's really both a werewolf and a vampire. What happens when he crosses paths with the shy, innocent new girl?


2. Eye Color Shift

Harmony's POV

“You don’t believe them.. right, mom?” I asked as I helped my mom put away the dishes 

“No, sweetie. Of course not."

“I’m just scared, you know? We’re a family of three, they were a family of three.”

“Harmony, that doesn’t mean anything. You don’t have to be scared. Now go wash up and try to go to bed early since you have school tomorrow.”

I nodded. “’Night, Jack. Don’t let the bed bugs bite” I said through the closed door.

 “’Night Mony. Don’t let the animal attack you.”

 My spine cringed at his words. “Shut the hell up, Jack!”


 I woke up feeling completely tired. I couldn’t get any sleep last night because of Jack’s stupid comment. Don’t let the animal attack you. Ugh, he’s such an idiot.

 I got up and felt the coldness of the floor collide with my warm feet. I gasped at the sudden sensation. I slowly dragged myself over to the bathroom looking at my reflection. The circles beneath my eyes were drooping from the minor case of insomnia I have just experienced last night. My frizzy hair was standing on my head and I smirked. I guess I could go for a hot shower. The hot water was soothing as it calmed my muscles and nerves. I let myself get lost in the heat smoke as I hummed Royals by Lorde.

 I wrapped a towel around my body as I got out of the bathroom. I made my way towards my phone, that was on my bed, and hit shuffle on my music. I put the volume all the way up. I needed to get energized in the morning.

 I was originally going to wear something fancy to leave a good impression on my teachers and the kids at school, but that would be more work for me.

 I put on a loose white shirt, black jeggings to show my figure, and a dark red/purple beanie. I then slipped on my gray converse.

 I applied mascara to my icy blue eyes and lip-gloss to shine my lips. I grabbed my backpack. Oh shoot, I forgot to wake up Jack. Hopefully, he’s up by now. I pressed the pause button on my phone and barged in Jack’s room. “Hey Jack, wake- holy shit.” I covered my eyes. “Jack what the hell?!” He was masturbating and watching pornography on his laptop! “Jack stop! Put on some pants!” I shouted, still covering my eyes.

 He obviously wasn’t listening to me because I still heard him groaning with pleasure. In fact, the groaning started becoming louder and louder and I could hear his actions getting faster and faster. “You are freaking disgusting!” I closed the door. “You have 5 minutes to get ready!” I shouted through the closed door.

 I shook my head and shivered, hoping the sight of his private part would magically go away. I went to the kitchen and grabbed some money out of the family piggy bank for lunch. Jack was out by the time I closed the bottom of the piggy bank and put it back on top of the refrigerator.

 We both got in his car and he started the engine. “Okay, do me a favor next time, and give pleasure to yourself when I’m NOT in the house.”

 He smirked. “Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy watching it.”

 My mouth went open as if I was ready to vomit. “As I said before, you are freaking disgusting.”


 “Hey Harmony.” I heard from behind me.

 I turned around. “Oh hey Carter.” I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and I swear I could feel my cheeks getting hotter just by staring at his eyes.

 “So, what are you up to?” He asked staring at the sheet of paper I was holding.

 I held up the sheet of paper closer to his face. “Oh, this is my schedule for today. Right now, I’m trying to find where my locker is.”

 I looked down on the ground because he might find me strange if I kept staring at him. Even though I wasn’t looking at him, I felt his eyes on me.

 “Oh okay. I’ll help you. What locker number is it?”

 I gulped. Even his voice was sexy. “175.”

 “Oh wow, you’re only four lockers away from me! That’s awesome!” He said, smiling.

 I let out a smile.

 He led the way as we walked through the hallways. I noticed the school was empty at the moment.

 “Wait, where is everyone?”

 “Everyone usually comes late. The first class starts at 8, so everyone usually gets here at around 7:50. Even some of the teachers.”

 “Wow, so then I guess we’re an hour early.” I smiled.

 “I always get here at 7. There’s nothing to do in the mornings because I don’t sleep.”

 I nodded in agreement. “Yeah, I know what you mean. I barely slept last night since you told me about the animal attack.”

 His eyes suddenly turned gray. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

 “No, no it’s fine. But your eyes... they’re gray now... I could’ve sworn they were like a mixture of light hazel and red.”

 He looked a little nervous now and he looked at the ground. “That’s strange..”

 I saw sweat beads start to from on his hairline. “Um, are you okay?” I asked, putting a hand on his back. His skin started getting hotter and hotter through the fabric of his shirt.

 “Yeah, I’m okay. Sorry, I, uh, I gotta go.” He ran off.

 What the hell just happened?

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