Little Mix

This is the first time that I meet the girl band called originally Rhythm mix, and is now known as Little Mix throughout the entire world.
This is the first time that I meet all the band members from Little Mix and they ask me to go on the road with them and be their personal bodyguard.


17. The Un-invited Guests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the party there were these guys wearing black coats plus it looked like they were looking for something or someone at the after party Jade and i had a lot of fun dancing with each other while Perrie and Zayn Malik are dancing gracefully with each other on the same dance floor as Jade and i are dancing eloquently on this very night. 

As the night becomes more darker these uninvited guest creep closer to where Jade and i are dancing that's when the unexpected happen which is that a Vampire was hiding beneath a table that is when she jumped out to grab jade but i pushed Jade so that what this creature is will use me as it's target to get out but instead it bit me then everything went pitch black then once again i wake up in the Hospital again!!!!!!!!!!!!! unbelievable.

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