Little Mix

This is the first time that I meet the girl band called originally Rhythm mix, and is now known as Little Mix throughout the entire world.
This is the first time that I meet all the band members from Little Mix and they ask me to go on the road with them and be their personal bodyguard.


22. Chapter 22: My daughter and wife!!!!!

In the weeks that my wife has been on tour with Demi i really have not been able to spend some time with my wife or my daughter because jade takes Maria Elena Franchesca Thriwall de Salinas. Once they finally were done with their tour with demi and i am so happy that i get to have my family back with me but my daughter dose not even talk to me so "i decided to talk to my wife about the way Franchesca is behaving towards me and asked her why is she mad at me for then",then she said "it is because i could not get the day off so that we could spend sometime together as a family but on vacation", " Yet she knows that i could not because i was working over time so that i could surprise with tickets to go see One Direction in concert this september,but i guess it is not a surprise anymore", after i just said that that's when Maria started jumping up and down came towards both of us and gave us a huge hug and kissed us both on the cheeks i can not believe that i made her so happy yet jade told me she is pregnant again so i got very excited then we both told Maria about how she is going to have a baby brother soon.

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