The Lies I Live in

A girl who's live gets turned around when she meets someone she never thought she'd even know in the first place.


2. Chapter 1

‘Julie get down here we need to go!’ I sighed and rolled my eyes.

‘Yea dad give me a second!’ I jumped up and grabbed my suitcase after quickly pulling my long golden blonde hair in a ponytail. Looking in the mirror, I gave myself a last check up to see if I looked alright. I was wearing an unzipped black hoodie with a white tank top underneath. Light blue jeans and white sneakers to top it off. Nothing special, just comfy clothing for the plane ride. I was really excited to go on a holiday but my parents were constantly freaking out. I mean, come on, I’m not going alone.

My friend Charlotte and I were going on a vacation to London together and we’d both been thrilled. We’ve always wanted to get away from our boring lives and explore the world together, now we got the chance to start. I was almost 17 and I had only one year of school left. We were both born and raised in Amsterdam and we basically spent our whole life there, the good times and the bad... but now we’re going away for a while.


I sighed and looked down at the ground. I looked up at the mirror again and smiled at my reflection.

Skipping down the stairs I noticed Charlotte’s dark brown curls bouncing up and down with her as she’s jumping up and down in excitement. She’s also wearing jeans and a tank top, she just doesn’t have a oversized hoodie like me and high heels instead of sneakers. Her brown eyes were sparkling and a huge grin was on her pink lips.

‘Finally you’re ready! I’ve been here for hours.’ I chuckled at her feigned annoyance and she rolls her eyes at me with a smile.

‘JULI-’ My father walked in yelling but stopped when he sees me. His eyebrows are furrowed and his eyes are shooting back and forth. He went with his hand through his short black curls like he always does when he’s nervous or stressed, like now.

‘Good, you’re down. Get in the car or you two might miss your flight.’ I rolled my eyes at Charlotte making her laugh.

We walked outside with my suitcase and put it in the trunk of my father’s car.

‘Bye Julie, I’m going to miss you sweetie.’ My mom hugged me and started to tear up.

‘Ugh, mom. We’re only leaving for five weeks remember? It’s not like the world is ending.’As a reply she showed a watery smile and wiped the tears from her eyes.

‘Sorry, it’s just so weird to see you all grown up and going out on your own.’ I returned her a smile and hugged her again. Then I let go and turned to Charlotte who’s already getting settled in the car. I joined her and my father. Then we drove away waving to my mom who’s standing there alone in the morning breeze. I took one last glance at her before sitting straight up and listening to Charlotte.

She’s rambling on and on about how we’re going to have so much fun and buy so much clothes and other stuff.

‘Maybe we’ll meet One Direction!!’ She squealed and clapped her hands together.

‘Of course we will,’ I reply, ‘and when Lewis sees you he’ll fall in love with you immediately and you’ll live happily ever after.’ She narrowed her eyes at me and muttered, ‘His name is Louis and they just finished tour so they’re in London for a break.’ I grin and playfully slap the back of her head whilst she was still trying to kill me with her stare.

‘Char, give up. You don’t have laser beaming eyes.’ She sighs and slumps down in her seat whilst pulling a weird face making me laugh. A comfortable silence follows as we ride to the airport. My dad was softly whistling along with the music.

The next song plays and immediately a smile comes to my face. My father smiles as well and asked me ‘Who’s this?’

‘Dad, you really think I don’t know who Pink Floyd are?’ Charlotte rolled her eyes and as my dad started to tell us about the time he went to see them in concert. I loved listening to it because he was so passionate about his music just like me.


By the time we got to the airport, Charlotte was softly humming what I assume were One Direction songs with her eyes closed. A weak attempt to ignore me and my father. Especially when we tried our best to irritate her.

‘Bye dad, I’m gonna miss you and mom.’ I quickly hug him before Charlotte pulls me with her to check in.

‘Bye sweetie, see you in five weeks.’ I wave at him before standing in line next to Charlotte. We are both too excited to say anything so we drop of our bags and check in silently. After that we have to wait until the plain was boarding.

‘We have half an hour before we have to go to the gate. What now?’ Charlotte was looking around the huge space full of stores until I nudged her to answer me.

‘What? Oh, well we could get some breakfast? I’m starving.’ I nod and we walk to a Starbucks and get something to eat for breakfast. My gaze falls upon a bookshop, ‘Char?’ I say sweetly.

‘I know that tone, what do you want?’ I point towards the shop and Charlotte sighs as soon as she sees it.

‘Hurry then we only have like, ten minutes left.’ A squeal escapes my lips as I run towards my heaven.


‘Julie we really have to go now!!’ Charlotte exclaims as she’s dragging me away from the bookshelves. Finally I give up and we walk to the gate.

‘So what did you buy?’ Charlotte asks pointing towards the plastic bag in my hand.

‘Puzzle books.’

‘Wait, you didn’t even buy a book?’ I shake my head with a smile.

‘No, I didn’t have enough time or money. So I bought a small book with Sudoku’s, binary Sudoku’s, double Sudo-’ Char interrupts me ‘Yea I get it, a lot of Sudoku’s now shut up.’ I smile decide to annoy her a bit more, ‘Oh not only Sudoku’s.’ Her eyes get big as I start summing up all sorts of Japanese puzzles.


When we get to the right gate Charlotte sighs in relief and murmurs a ‘Thank god.’ I laugh and we go through security without problems. Then we hand our passports to the guy checking them.

‘Thank you, that’s all correct. You two ladies have a nice flight.’ He smiles sweetly and winks at my friend. As soon as we’re out of hearing range, we burst out in laughing.

‘Looks like he fancies you.’ I pester her and she slaps my arm.

They’re already boarding the plane so we get in line immediately. As soon as we’re in our places we start discussing what we’re going to do first when we’re in London.

‘Seriously though, I want to try if we can meet them.’ Charlotte says with a determined look. ‘Oh yea sure, who are we talking about again?’

‘One Direction of course.’

‘Of course. Now tell me why would we want to meet them?’ She gasps and her eyes get big as if I just told her I like to spit on puppies and kittens.

‘Why wouldn’t we want to meet them? They’re only like,the hottest, funniest, cutest, sweetest and most lovable creatures in the whole universe.’ She said it as if it’s obvious and now it’s my turn to gasp in shock.

‘What?! I thought we were those creatures?’ I start to sob softly, earning a lot of weird looks from the other people on the plane. Charlotte on the other hand, is acting as if she’s trying her best to comfort me and gives everyone apologetic looks.

‘It’s her period.’ She whispers loudly to them with a nod. Then a flight attendant tells us to be quiet. After he’s gone we try to contain our laughter but fail miserably, again earning some weird looks.

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