Little white lies

"Marcel tell me who you really are and no more lies please" I said to him looking straight into his eyes
"I cant" he muttered.
"Then I guess we cant be together if your going to lie to me about who you really are" I said as tears came to my eye's
"Please I'm sorry its just you might not like me for me if you knew" I slapped him right across the face and stormed out. How dare he think that. I loved him for him not because of anything else and what little white lie could change that?


2. The Tour

Harmony POV

"So this is the Maths and Languages block. Here is my next class German, Poppy's class is French."(Me)

"Maths and Languages, got it!"(Marcel)

"And the next block is the science block last year I was showing a new person around the science block we accidentally walked into a year 7 class and they were learning about, um... you know what. So we are not going to go into one of those classes!" Poppy said her Irish accent flowing slowly.

"Yes lets not do that!"(Nick)

"Anyway off the Technology and I.T. block also know as T block who knows why. We will do the science block later"(Me)


"So thank you for the tour." Marcel said as he rubbed his arm like he was nervous.

"What's wrong Marcel?" I said. He looked up and I looked into his emerald eyes

"Um.....I....I was....wondering if you......wanted to go to prom with me?" I smiled

"I would love to if you pick me up at 7 I live here" I handed him my address on a slip of paper. He smiled then grabbed my phone from my pocket his phone dinged then he added that to his phone

"There now we can keep in touch" I smiled then waved goodbye as him and the rest left in their  car's. Poppy ran up squealing

"What's up?" I said when she had finally calmed down

"Nick just asked me to the prom!!" I smiled

"Thats great well we better go shopping then" She squealed again then stopped

"But dont you remember we already said that we wont show each other our dresses until the night when we do each others hair!"
"Oops I forgot" She smiled then we walked out of school arms linked and giggling.


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