Little white lies

"Marcel tell me who you really are and no more lies please" I said to him looking straight into his eyes
"I cant" he muttered.
"Then I guess we cant be together if your going to lie to me about who you really are" I said as tears came to my eye's
"Please I'm sorry its just you might not like me for me if you knew" I slapped him right across the face and stormed out. How dare he think that. I loved him for him not because of anything else and what little white lie could change that?


3. One hour to go!!!


Poppy's pov


I ran downstairs two stairs at a time I grabbed my dress, my heels and my jewlery and ran over to Harmonys apartment which was next door to me. I used my key and ran inside.

"ELLO!!" I yelled causing Harmony to drop her hairdryer.

"Oh is it time already?" I nodded and ran up and grabbed the hairdryer and dried her hair for her.

"You got your dress?" She smiled and ran into her room and came out with a bag

"Yep you got yours?" I held up my bag

"Ok you get dressed in your room I'll get dresses in your bathroom" I ran into the bathroom and got dressed. When I came out I got out all the clips and straighteners and curling irons. About 2 minutes later Harmony came out of cource we put on some dressing gown so when we got our hair done thats when we would show off our dresses. I curled Harmonys hair and put clips here and there and she did sort of the same thing with mine. She took off her dressing gown and did a little twirl. This is Harmony dress and Jewelery:

   Here's her hair :

So I did the same. Here's Poppy's dress and hair:

"OMG you look beautiful" I yelled and Harmony turned bright red

"So do you!" I smiled

"Do you think Nick will like it?"

"Hell yeah!!!!!" I smiled then there was a soft knock at the door. I ran up (As best I could considering I have heels on) And opened the door to see and Marceal with a suit on and no glasses and a Nick with a suit and his hair gelled.
"Wow" They both said as they saw us

"Your an hour early" I said shocked

"Well we couldnt wait to see you" Nick said then turned as I saw his cheecks turning red. I smiled

"Well ONE HOUR TO GO!!!" I screamed then let them in.

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