Dying Forever Now

Mia Flora Mikaelson is the daughter of Elijah Mikaelson and a werewolf called Talia. Mia is 19,782. (This is All Made up By The Way). Mia realizes the importance of her friends and family, and most of all how much true love hurts.


2. The Project

I sit at my desk, while I pretend to watch my teacher Elijah write something on the board. Elijah was my father, but I bet nobody would even guess that I was Elijah daughter. After all, we looked nothing like. Elijah was tall, and pale. I was dark skinned, with long black hair, and dark brown eyes. I looked like my werewolf mother Talia, who had been killed by vampires. But my personality was a little alike Elijah. We both were brave, courageous, strong willed, loving, kind, and caring people. But I was a little more bubbly than Elijah. I knew the reason why Elijah became my teacher, it was to look after me. I knew my father had a reason to be over protective over me. I knew my father Elijah had lost the one love of his life, my werewolf mother Talia. She had been killed in front of him, and me. I was only five then, just a little five year old girl. I can remember standing there in a corner, and watching as my father Elijah fought vampires, while my mother heart was ripped out.

I remember my mother just lying there on the floor, crimson blood flowing around her. My mother who was normally so strong and alive, was just dead and broken. I ran through the forest, and I made sure the vampires were gone. When I had gotten home, my father Elijah was on the floor, cradling my mother dead body. My father had never fully recovered from there. So now, even though I was 19,782 human years. My father still looked after me like a little child, which he believed I was. My two year old daughter Bella Flora Mikaelson, was looked after my auntie Rebekah. For my auntie, who could not have any children. She enjoyed looking after Bella, and loved her to pieces.

The school that I went to was called Mystic Falls Super Bewitched Natural Cursed Academy. Here it was like normal school hours, except that everything was more dangerous and more frightening. But the school was not just for the super natural, even half super natural and humans came here. But the lessons were different, and it was made sure we all would not harm the humans here.

I see my beautiful cousin Sapphire sit on the desk on the other side of the classroom. Sapphire was quite something to look at with long blonde hair, and sapphire blue eyes, and pale skin. But nobody would look at her with lust, because they were afraid, of Sapphire. Sapphire could be nice at times, but she had a interesting personality quite like her father Klaus.

I watch Elijah write Project on the board. A project, we were doing a project. What kind of project? I wondered.

"You all will be doing a shadowing project thing. This will allow you to learn more about the other person, and to hopefully bond with each other more. Also you will have to pretend that you are in love with this person" Elijah told us.

Immediately, every one began whispering to each other, gossiping on who they wanted to work with. I knew that all the girls, looked at the boys with a feeling of lust. Me, I just sat there like stone. I was not like the other girls in my class apart from Sapphire. They were not an original like me and Sapphire. I knew a few guys wanted to be mine or Sapphire partner. But I knew they wanted to me mine more, because they knew Sapphire could be controlling.

Please anybody but Stefan I prayed. Stefan was my ex fiance. I had gave him my heart and trust, and he had broken it. He had cheated on me with Katherine, and you know what was worse. I had stumbled upon them together, but Stefan did not see me, and the next day when I confront him, he tells me the truth, but also tells me how much of a ugly, stupid, cold thing to love. Was that all what he thought of me? It hurt me a lot, to know that I was cold. Was I really that cold? I always knew that I was not as beautiful as Sapphire, but I knew that I was pretty. Stefan had hurt me, he had torn me apart, and I would never recover from that. I hated him now, I wanted to hurt him. But I couldn't, for I loved him too much for it.

"The groups are Damon and Sapphire. Mia and Stefan." Elijah begins to say.

My whole world turns black when he says Mia and Stefan. Me and Stefan. I had to work with the one person that I hated more than anything. Stefan. My heart pounded rapidly. This was my worst nightmare coming alive. Suddenly the bell rang. I stood up, a human boy said something about me and Stefan being together. I suddenly saw Stefan going to rush to my rescue. I ran up to the boy, and hold him by his collar.

"Me and Stefan Salvatore. Of all the people you pair me up with him. I would rather die than let me and him be together. So if I hear one more time that me and Stefan are together, or even the name of both of us in the same sentence. I will hunt you down, and cut your tongue out. Do you understand." I snarled angrily.

"Yes. Miss. Sorry." the boy said, nodding his head, and then running off in terror.

I saw my father Elijah beckon to me. I walked towards him.

"Mia, daughter. You really must control your temper. Did you not like the partner you have?" Elijah asked me.

"Father. Elijah. Sir, I do not like my partner one bit, can I change with somebody else." I ask Elijah.

"I am sorry Mia, but you have to learn and work with people you do not like." Elijah tells me.

I storm out of the classroom, and I feel anger burning inside of me. When I see Stefan standing outside, his eyes piercing into me, a smile forming on his lips. I walk up towards him.

"What do you find so funny?" I asked.

Suddenly I see a stake flying towards Stefan. I run up towards the stake, and protect him. Even if I did not like Stefan. I did not want him dead. I see the stake stab my arm. A few drips of blood trickle down the cut. I grab the stake, and hold it.

"You just saved me. Thanks. I did not know you still loved me." Stefan tells me.

"First thing. I do not still love you, but still I do not want to see you dead, and of course you would not that I did love you. That I loved you more than anything. But for you love is a game." I tell Stefan.

"But." Stefan begins to say.

"Don't you think it would take a second to bring that stake to your heart. But your lucky that I do not want to hurt you. I hope you are happy. I hope your happy with all your women and Katherine, and that you all live happily together." I shout to Stefan.

"Mia. I now know that Katherine was only playing with me." Stefan tells me.

"Of course. Did you really believe Katherine loved you. Katherine loves no one." I reply to Stefan.

"Mia, I'm sorry." Stefan tells me.

"Sorry won't fix everything Stefan. You hurt me, and I hope your happy." I exclaim to Stefan, and walk off, leaving him stunned and speechless.

I spot Damon looking at me, a grim expression on his face. He looks at me, and then at Stefan with excitement.

"Hi Mia, looks like you've been taking care of my brother." Damon tells me.

"I am already pissed off with one Salvatore, don't make me want to hurt the other." I tell Damon.

"Your strong Mia, Your brave, and that makes you so much stronger than my brother, also you are better looking, and." Damon tells me.

"Thanks Damon. But if I were you. Next time you throw the stake to your brother, know that I will protect him." I tell Damon.

"You still love him Mia." Damon tells me.

"I care for him, like I care for you Damon. After all you are my partner in crime." I tell Damon.

"I care for you too Mia, you really are a nice one in the batch of Mikaelson." Damon tells me.

"Don't catch Sapphire hearing you say that." I answer to Damon.

"Sapphire is really pissed off with me." Damon tells me.

"What did you do?" I ask Damon curiously.

"I cheated on her with Elena." Damon confesses.

"You are your brother both. You both let yourself get played by the doppelganger Katherine and Elena. You loved them both, and now they play with you. You both will never learn, the true importance of love. You Salvatore brothers are the same." I tell Damon.

"Hey, I am better looking than Stefan." Damon exclaims.

"You and Stefan are the same. Even when there are people around you both who love you, you hurt them and push them away from you." I tell Damon.

I spot Sapphire watching me. I walk up towards Sapphire.

"Hi Mia." Sapphire tells me, smiling, as she watched Damon looking at her.

"We both have had our hearts broken by the Salvatore's." I tell Sapphire.

"There hot. There deadly. They break our hearts." I say in chorus with Sapphire.


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