Dying Forever Now

Mia Flora Mikaelson is the daughter of Elijah Mikaelson and a werewolf called Talia. Mia is 19,782. (This is All Made up By The Way). Mia realizes the importance of her friends and family, and most of all how much true love hurts.


6. Sometimes You Can't Forgive And Forget



I sit awaiting patiently for the plane to board, when suddenly Stefan stands in front of me. He looks at me, and then at Bella. He walks towards us, and grabs my wrist.

"Mia, you're not leaving." Stefan orders me.

"I am, me and Bella. Let me go!" I say, shoving Stefan away from me.

Who does Stefan think he is? He already hurt me once. I don't love him, or do I. Is lying to myself, the only way to face him. 

"Mia. Elijah is really upset, he didn't mean what he said. He loves you." Stefan lies to me.

"He doesn't. You should have heard what he said. He slapped me. This is the most painful thing in the world for me, first you then him." I mumble.

"What do you mean?" Stefan asked.

"I only loved two people before loving my daughter. You and father, and you both hurt me. You Stefan called me horrible names, but at least you had the decency to just say it to my face. Elijah, he was my father. All these years he's been thinking that all about me, and never did he once tell me. He slapped me, you slapped me in emotions, he slapped me physically. You both hurt me." I admit.

"Mia, there." Stefan tells me.

"No, please Stefan. You have to understand. I have Bella, you have Katherine." I spit out, trying to stir away the thoughts when it came to her.

I hated Katherine, she was a beautiful but manipulative witch, she stole Stefan away from me, she won. Katherine and Elena, they were both Sapphire doppelgänger, and looked similar to her. However, they weren't a original, or as beautiful as Sapphire. Both Elena and Katherine played around with the Salvatore brothers, they got stuck in their lies.

"I don't love Katherine, she lied to me." Stefan says.

So what? I want to say. Katherine always lied to Stefan, but Stefan always believed her. I sometimes wonder when would Stefan realize the kind of person Katherine really she is, she wasn't an angel, or that's what Stefan thought.

"Well that's a first isn't it." I mock.

I look at the other passengers, all busy in their life. All thinking this was just a mutual argument between two couples.

"Mia, I won't let you take my daughter away from me." Stefan says harshly.

I stand up, Bella looks at me, then at Stefan. I hated arguing in front of Bella, but sometimes I just had to.

"Well you watch me." I say.

I notice somebody standing behind Stefan. Sapphire my cousin, her long blonde hair in a elegant bun, she walks towards me coldly, her face stern. Sapphire looks at me coldly.

"Mia. You have to return." Sapphire orders.

"No. I won't listen to you." I shout.

Sapphire grabs hold of Bella hand, who protests valiantly, Bella shoves Sapphire, and runs to me, her tiny fingers clenching to my jeans.

"Mia. Elijah didn't mean it." Sapphire says.

"That's what you all say. But, your lying, today I got to hear the truth. I'm unwanted, I want to begin a new life." I say.

"Mia, I won't let you. I can't. I'm sorry. Your a Mikaelson you belong with us, and Bella too. Don't take our family away from us." Sapphire begs me.

"Your making me sound like I'm the bad guy here." I argue back.

"Mia. You have to forgive Elijah." Sapphire protests.

"Sapphire didn't you always say, that sometimes you can't forgive and forget. Like, you can't forget what Klaus had done to you." I remind Sapphire.

"That's different." Sapphire mumbles quietly.

"It is, and I'm sorry Sapphire. But, Elijah slapped me." I say.

"Wait, he slapped you!" Sapphire says.

"Yes he did, he told me that it should have been me dying that day not mother." I whisper softly.

"I am going to slap Elijah when I get home. He may be my uncle, but you're my favourite cousin, the only Mikaelson I really can stand." Sapphire tells me.

"I want to move on my life." I tell Sapphire.

"But you can't." Stefan remind me, feeling very ignored.

"You do what's best for you and Bella, but whatever you do I am with you by your side, no matter what." Sapphire tells me, patting my back.

Sapphire crouches towards Bella, and kisses her forehead.

"You take care of mummy." Sapphire tells Bella, before standing up.

"You can't let her go." Stefan says.

Sapphire grabs Stefan arm, and looks at me.

"I have to. It's for the best." Sapphire admits.

"Sapphire you can't say that. I want Bella. I need Mia. Don't take them away from me." Stefan protests, as Sapphire walks out, dragging an upset and angry Stefan.

I look at some of the passengers on the plane, looking at me, there probably thinking that more juicy gossip.

"Are you okay?" a lady asks me kindly, offering me a tissue.

"I'm fine." I lie, taking the tissue hesitantly, I wipe my face, noticing there were tears on my face.

"Family drama." the lady tells me sadly.

"Yes. I guess." I mumble, holding Bella hand.

"You just do what's best for you and your daughter." the lady tells me.

 I sit back in my seat, Bella sitting on my lap. Bella lays her head on my shoulder.

"Mummy. Do we have to go?" Bella asks.

"Don't you want to go?" I ask Bella.

"I love you mummy, and I won't leave you. But, I will miss daddy, and everyone else." Bella admits.

"Me too. What should I do Bella?" I ask Bella.

I feel so confused. I don't even know what's best for Bella any more. I can't just take Bella away. I can't run away from my fears. I have to do what's best for me and Bella. I have to make the right decision. No matter how painful it might be.

"You do what's best for me and you mummy. I know you will make the right decision." Bella tells me kindly.

I hope so Bella. I really hope so.

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