Dying Forever Now

Mia Flora Mikaelson is the daughter of Elijah Mikaelson and a werewolf called Talia. Mia is 19,782. (This is All Made up By The Way). Mia realizes the importance of her friends and family, and most of all how much true love hurts.


7. I'm returning. Though I won't Forgive.

I decided to return back to the Mikaelson house. But, I was only going to be there for a while. I picked Bella up, collected our luggage and took a taxi back to the Mikaelson house. The taxi driver, was a man named Bob who admired our house, and told me that we must all be so loving to live together. A part of me wanted to say that it was what he thought. But, I decided to just ignore him, and let him think what he wanted to. As I walked in, I notice Elijah, his eyes red and bloodshot, he ran up towards me. But I took a step back away from him.

"Mia. Oh Mia. I knew you would return." Elijah began to say.

"Look. I am only here for a while, until I find a place for me and my daughter, and then we are leaving the Mikaelson house, forever." I say to Elijah.

"Forever!" Elijah gasps.

"Yes forever, as in I am never going to return." I say slowly, making it very clear.

Suddenly, Sapphire walks in. I wonder where she went, when I noticed the lipstick prints on her cheek. Oh Sapphire, I wondered. Sapphire strides to Elijah.

"You slapped her." Sapphire said.

Before Elijah got a chance to reply, Sapphire slapped him across his cheek. I watched Elijah face fall. Sapphire curses under her breath, before going to see her boyfriend Kaien. I didn't know who this mysterious Kaien was. But, I was sure I was going to ask Ichiru, the next time I saw him.

Elijah looks shocked, his mouth opened wide eye, tears brimming in his eyes.

"Mia." he whispers, upset.

"I won't forgive you. I hate you!" I say, storming into the living room, leaving Elijah standing alone, not knowing what to do. His only loving daughter had left him. I sit on the sofa, and place Bella on my lap. I stroke her dark brown waves, her beautiful brown eyes look at me.

"Mummy." Bella says.

"Yes princess." I tell Bella, facing her.

"Why did we come back?" Bella asks me.

"It was because I didn't want you to be away from your daddy, and your family. Just because some people don't want me, it doesn't mean I won't stay for a while at least." I tell Bella.

I sometimes wondered why I actually did come. I mean I really wanted to leave. But, I had to listen to Sapphire for once, and know that whatever I did would impact my daughter. I didn't want to take Bella away from her father, no matter how much he had hurted me. I had to think about Bella well being, before mine.

Suddenly, Stefan walked in. I swear everyone just walks in, when they are not needed, and very unexpected. Stefan looks at me and Bella, a massive grin filling his face. He strides towards me, and hugs me and Bella.

"Bella. Mia. Oh I missed you so much. I thought I had lost the both of you forever." Stefan mumbles.

"I missed you too daddy." Bella says.

Stefan picks Bella up from my lap, and cuddles her close. I stand up feeling awkwardly. I had never wanted Bella to not know who her father was, even though I didn't like Stefan, and he had broken my heart many times. He had never hurt Bella, he loved Bella, just like I did. I smile when I see Bella hugging Stefan. Even though I don't like Stefan. I don't regret ever being with Stefan, after all it bought me the best thing in the world. Bella. I turn to leave the living room, thinking about going outside to get some fresh air, when Stefan blocks me.

"Mia. You can't ignore me forever."Stefan tells me.

"I'm not ignoring you. I just decided that I had more important things in my life. Just like you have your girlfriends." I tell Stefan.

"Mia. Number one Katherine never meant more than me than you did, and I felt heart broken when I found out she never loved me, and number two Sapphire. Sapphire is nothing to me, she is just your cousin who chooses to flirt with me at times just to make Damon Jealous. Mia, you have to understand that Sapphire is not as beautiful or kind as you. Mia you are the most beautiful. You are true, kind and caring."Stefan confesses to me.

"Well you should have thought about that before." I whisper.

Stefan had caused me a lot of heart break. He had made me feel worthless, and insecure. He didn't know how much pain he had caused me. I had nearly took my own life away, it was Ichiru who saved me, and made me understand that I was perfect the way I was. He made me understand how I didn't even need Stefan, and deserved much better.

"Mia. I know understand the saying that you only realize the true worth of anything, after losing it. I only understand how much you mean to me, after I lost you Mia. I want you Mia. I need you in my life." Stefan answers.

"Stefan. It's too late." I reply.

"Please Mia. It's never too late." Stefan begs me.

"Stefan, you should have thought about that before you hurt me. You made me feel so worthless. I nearly took my life that day. It was only because of someone that I realized that I didn't need you Stefan." I mumble.

"Mia. I'm so sorry. I didn't realize what I had done to you at the time. I'm sorry Mia. Please, we can forget and forgive. We can go back to normal happy family, me, you and Bella." Stefan says confidently.

"Stefan it's too late now for happy families. Our relationship is broken, and will always be. I have moved on now." I tell Stefan.

"So you don't love me anymore." Stefan whispers, anxiously.

"Stefan I have always loved you, but the day you broke me, made me realize that you didn't feel the same way about me. Time has gone, I have met new people, new friends. I have moved on with my life, realizing the mistakes I made with you, and decided that it was time for me to find somebody else." I tell Stefan.

"Mia. Please don't leave me." Stefan whispers.

Stefan. You still have rights to Bella, after all she is your daughter. You can still care and love her. But, you can't love me anymore. Stefan I am my own person." I say proudly, understanding that this was the best decision for me.

"I'm so sorry Mia. I love you so much." Stefan says, collapsing on the floor, bursting into tears.

"I have moved on, found somebody else. I hope you remain happy, and find the right person for you. I am going out ot meet somebody, Bella can stay with you." I say.

"Somebody else." Stefan says, crying harder.

"Please don't cry daddy. Mummy, make daddy don't cry. I love you daddy." Bella says, wiping Stefan tears, and hugging him tightly.

"Goodbye Stefan!" I say, before walking out of the Mikaelson house, leaving an upset Stefan in tears.

It hurt me to do this to Stefan. Even though he had hurt me. That day Stefan had destroyed my trust, know I know that he wasn't worthy of my trust. I cared for Stefan, and had his best wishes. I just hoped that he would move on, and find the right person for him. Just like I had. After all, it is true that a broken heart is healed by time, the right person, and not making the same mistakes again. I knew that maybe, I would never stop caring for Stefan. But, I realized that by thinking about myself, and knowing that eventually my heart would be healed. I wished Stefan the best of luck for his future, and knew that there was somebody lucky enough to gain his love, and I hoped this time Stefan wouldn't hurt them, break their  trust and realize his trust. I checked my watch, and bit my lip. I was going to be late. I had a very important person waiting for me. My silver hair hero.


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