Dying Forever Now

Mia Flora Mikaelson is the daughter of Elijah Mikaelson and a werewolf called Talia. Mia is 19,782. (This is All Made up By The Way). Mia realizes the importance of her friends and family, and most of all how much true love hurts.


4. Alexander. My brother.

We walk together, me and my brother. Sometimes even know I can't believe it's true. I have a brother. A little brother, someone who is just like me. My other half. Alexander looks at me and smiles. We walk together in class. I take my seat near Stefan, and I watch Alexander walk right towards me, and sits beside me. I watch girls check out my brother. I guess he is handsome, with brown hair, hazel eyes, a good built, tanned skin. I watch the blonde bimbo of our class Rhea, walk towards Alexander. With her extra coated lipstick, and her too much powdered make up, she looks like a clown. Someone, ought to tell her how to apply the correct amount of makeup, and not look like a clown.

"Hi, I'm Rhea. You must be new. You probably don't know anyone, but you should know me." Rhea says in an intoxicated voice.

"Alexander and I know a few people, like my sister Mia." Danny tells Rhea.

Rhea looks between me and then at Alexander, with curiosity.

"Mia, I didn't know you had a brother." Rhea mumbles, walking off.

"Me either." Stefan mumbles.

Elijah gives us a project on to write about the person you admire the most, or love the most. I write about my family, and I smile when I see Alexander writing about me. I turn my head, to see Stefan looking at me. Stefan hands me a beautiful silver bracelet with loads of pretty charms, such as a rose, a heart, a flower, a letter M, I take it from him and look at it curiously. The words Mia and Stefan forever are inscribed on it. However much I want to give it back, I know I can't. I know I can pretend to not love Stefan, but I have to realize that I do love him. Elijah picks on Stefan to read him writing. I watch Stefan stand back, and start reading his paper, and I notice his eyes look at me the whole time.

"The person I admire the most is not the most gorgeous in the whole world. But she is the most gorgeous person in the entire world to me. She is not the most perfect, but for me she is true perfection. She is strong, brave, courageous and loving. She is kind, caring, but also has a sharp nature. She's beautiful as she is deadly. She is like danger, which I could not seem to step away from. Her love and trust in me, became broken, because I hurt her. I broke her. She gave me her trust and her love, and I broke it. I was too blinded by her love, blinded by looking for the stars, when I know I had the radiating sun and moon in her. I didn't see her clearly before, but now that I lost her, I realize her true worth. I love her from the stars and back. I want her like a dying thirst and need. My life is not  complete without her. She is beautiful. She is strong. But now I wonder, will she ever be mine. I had her, and now I lost her. Now I want, what I can't have. My beautiful Mia." Stefan says, ending his writing and then sitting back on his seat.

"That's a way to capture a girl's heart." I hear Sapphire mumble.

I sit in my seat, trying not to know that everybody is watching us. My brother looks at me, like he's looking out for me. Tears come in my eyes, but I know that I shouldn't cry.

"Mia, I love you."Stefan exclaims.

I stand up quickly, and walk out of the classroom. I run out of the school, and think about crying when I hear a familiar voice.

"Hey, Mia." Damon exclaims.

I look up to see Damon.

"What are you doing here?, Shouldn't you be in class?" I inquire.

"Me, in class. Not really. But you, that's something else, somehow I know its because of my brother." Damon tells me.

I watch and see my little brother run towards me.

"Mia. Mia." Alexander calls out.

"Who's he?" Damon asks.

"Brother. Alexander. But, I call him Alex." I reply.

"More like a lovesick puppy." Damon mumbles.

"He's just trying to protect me." I mumble.

Alexander looks at Damon, and then at me. I want a hug. Damon gives me a hug.

"Don't cry little Mia." Damon tells me, always referring me to like a sister.

Alexander, holds me in his arms, and hugs me tight. I let go off him, and then wipe my tears. I suddenly see Stefan approaching me.

"Damon, Alex. I really just want to be left alone for a couple of hours, make sure no one comes, especially not him." I tell them, before running off. I run, I don't know where, but I need to be  free away from him. Stefan. Mia. Stefan.


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