Moon Goddess

When April's pack is destroyed by the merciless Black Night Pack, she runs away. When she gets to a peice of woods unowned by any other pack, she desides to live there. It was just a pile of boulders dropped into the middle of the woods, but it was also a house now, for it was shaped like a funky house. When she was sleeping, the pack that killed her family comes to take her away to demolish her, The alpha of the pack, Cronos, finds out that she is his mate, decides not to kill her. When the pack has a meeting, the Moon Goddess comes and tells them that She is going to be the next eir to be the Moon Goddess, for the Moon Goddess was dying. Will April ever be able to become the Moon Goddess and forgive Hunter? Or will she die under pressure?


7. The Werewolf is a Vampire

BIIIG MISTAKE ALPHA!!!!!! I said as I went to the right wen I was hit on my back from my left. I swear blood caking over my eyes was turning me into a human kolidascope. Then I et my wolf Lomasi, take over She went to the river and washed the blod off of my eyes. She knew that wsshing your eyes in the river would keep you from smeling for a few seconds, although enough time for my kidnapper to smack my junk, and then I went all out on him.  I freaking slapped his face so hard he went flying 100 football fields, but I still caugth up to him. He spat out two teeth, and I was proud of myself!!!!! He mumbled something against the tree, and I said, "What was that?"

"I don't think you're a normal werewolf."

"NOOO!!!!! Really?! I never would have guessed!"

No duh!!!!

Who said that?

Lomasi gets a LITTLE cranky when things that she doesn't know about happens.

Umm, hello? I'm your vampire!!!!!!!

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