Moon Goddess

When April's pack is destroyed by the merciless Black Night Pack, she runs away. When she gets to a peice of woods unowned by any other pack, she desides to live there. It was just a pile of boulders dropped into the middle of the woods, but it was also a house now, for it was shaped like a funky house. When she was sleeping, the pack that killed her family comes to take her away to demolish her, The alpha of the pack, Cronos, finds out that she is his mate, decides not to kill her. When the pack has a meeting, the Moon Goddess comes and tells them that She is going to be the next eir to be the Moon Goddess, for the Moon Goddess was dying. Will April ever be able to become the Moon Goddess and forgive Hunter? Or will she die under pressure?


1. Memories

April's POV:

When I was a little girl, my family was mercilessly murdered by the Black Night Pack, along with the rest of my pack they went down fighting. My parents put me, a 4 year old girl, in the mouth of the woods, and they told me to start running and never look back, only at the heart of the woods. Then they gave me my sleeping bag, tent big enough for 20 werewolves in their wolf form, my dad's survival kit, and my moms first aid kit. I took them and started running in the woods. Thats when I heard the unbearable screaming of my loving pack. Then I heard leaves rustling, twigs breaking. What the other pack, actually no other pack, knew about me was that I could already shift. I was a white wolf, and my pack told me I was the only white wolf in the world and that there wasn't going to be another one in 400 years. I shifted and took the supplies I needed, and ran. I barely touched the forest floor, because I was making long strides. I think its because white wolves are faster than normal wolves. When I heard Lomasi, my wolf, tell me we were at the heart of the woods, I stopped. I looked around me and saw so much beauty. There was a creek and at the edge of it was a big pile of boulders, in the shape of a deformed house! I jumped on top of the highest point of the jumble, which looked like a table, and dropped my supplies. I examined the table a bit more, and it could be a lookout point, if other rouges wanted to join me. I was so tired, and I didn't even notice until I stopped running. Thats when I  went to sleep, and became a rogue.

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