Moon Goddess

When April's pack is destroyed by the merciless Black Night Pack, she runs away. When she gets to a peice of woods unowned by any other pack, she desides to live there. It was just a pile of boulders dropped into the middle of the woods, but it was also a house now, for it was shaped like a funky house. When she was sleeping, the pack that killed her family comes to take her away to demolish her, The alpha of the pack, Cronos, finds out that she is his mate, decides not to kill her. When the pack has a meeting, the Moon Goddess comes and tells them that She is going to be the next eir to be the Moon Goddess, for the Moon Goddess was dying. Will April ever be able to become the Moon Goddess and forgive Hunter? Or will she die under pressure?


9. I became the Luna

April's POV:

Hours later, we arrived safly to his pack house, where everyone, including the pack slut, was in the front yard with a single candle in front of their face. He then grabbed me by the waist, and carried me to the roof of the castle. There, a helicopter was waiting for us, and we hopped in. We were up for hours flying over the pack grounds, all which was soon to be Cronos' and mine. Once we were over the pack house we made a light turn around only where we could see all of the pack members and their candles forming a heart. It took my breath away. I didn't realize I was crying until I felt his perfect hands wipe a tear off of my eyes whilst he held my neck, not choking me, but like he was about to kiss me. Just as I suspected, he leaned down and kissed my lips, passionately and lovingly. 

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