Moon Goddess

When April's pack is destroyed by the merciless Black Night Pack, she runs away. When she gets to a peice of woods unowned by any other pack, she desides to live there. It was just a pile of boulders dropped into the middle of the woods, but it was also a house now, for it was shaped like a funky house. When she was sleeping, the pack that killed her family comes to take her away to demolish her, The alpha of the pack, Cronos, finds out that she is his mate, decides not to kill her. When the pack has a meeting, the Moon Goddess comes and tells them that She is going to be the next eir to be the Moon Goddess, for the Moon Goddess was dying. Will April ever be able to become the Moon Goddess and forgive Hunter? Or will she die under pressure?


3. I Accept

April's POV:

WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! He said it like he doesn't want me as a mate!!! Well!!!!! I don't want him as a mate!!!!!! His family killed my pack, and for no reson!!!! 

Lomasi: Just listen to what he has to say!!! We don't know if it was actually HIM, it could have just been his sick, twisted family!! He is close to your age.

Me: Well, I don't want to hear from him!!!! He said, 'You're my mate?' That is hurtful!!!!!


Me: FINE!!!!!!

He walked up close to me, brushing his muscular arm against me. I growled. I was just so mad at him!!! " I didn't expect my mate to be a rogue," he said, his eyes turning black. He grabbed me and pushed me up against a wall. He growled ever so lightly, and it made my wolf purr.

Me: Lomasi, you're sick!!!

Lomasi: I AM NOT!!! He's sexy, thats all!

I pushed him off me. He looked at me like I just murdered him.  I yelled at him, " What do you think you are doing?!?!?!?!?!?!" "I am trying to....... to...... to.......," he stuttered. He was obviously trying to make an excuse. I sternly told him, " Well, whatever you were trying to do, it will not happen. Even if you are my mate!"  He looked shocked, and then his eyes were turning black. I turned into my wolf, and then he looked at me in awe. I turned back to my human again, and I asked him what. "What?" "Just look in the mirror," he said in awe, pointing behind me. All I saw was my human. "What," I said again. He rolled his eyes at me. "You're just the most beautiful thing in the world!!!!!!" I rolled my eyes at his comment. 

"It's true!!!!"

"It is not."

I was done argueing. 

"I April Moon accept you Cronos Wolf as my mate."

His smile literally became as wide as the moon.

"I Cronos Wolf accept you April Moon as my mate."

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