Goodbye Emotions

Sometimes out emotions, get the better of us. Yet, they don't need to control us. Don't let them, always fight.


1. Let Go



you intangible feelings

yes, You, the ones who break 

my tender heart. 


you have the ignorant audacity to 

come in and claim, what you see fit


Your lies, may blind others

but the cloak of your

deception has pulled 

no wool  over my eyes


The hot tears my fall on my face

 yet your hallow words, will be lonely 

in the dark night. 



So I let go of you

all of you. 

No matter what you say  I will feel 


The inconsiderate feelings you 

use to consume me

They won’t hurt me.


I won’t be broken by the 

warm and gushy feelings you 

think I need. 

Just to hold over me and control me. 


The bonds of feelings are gone from me. 


I won’t feel any more

I will be strong, without you.


Goodbye, emotions. 


Don’t feel bad, because I won’t!!

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