soon (bradley simpson)

Theresa's boyfriend joins a band, it works out really well. Too well. The whole distance thing? That doesn't. Can love conquer all? Find out in soon.


2. chapter 2

We both sat down on the couch and ate the cheese and tomato pizza. It wasn't that nice, the thin dough topped with funny tomatoes and plastic cheese somehow didn't satisfy my tastebuds. Brad didn't seem to like it either, so I didn't feel so bad for throwing it in the bin.

"I'm going to the grocery store, want to come?" He chirped at me with a smile on his face. I did think about it for a few minutes but his patience stayed.

"No thankyou." I replied. The thought of people staring or just the thought of outside scared me. My heart ached as the man inter front room turned into a little boy being told no.

"Okay," his sad tone crept right behind me and made me jump.

"I'll be back soon then." And with that sentence he walked out the door with a fake smile.

I hated myself for not going to the shop. It's a two minute walk. I hated the fact that he has to put up with me never wanting to go anywhere, yet he always, always tries his best to keep me happy.

Without thinking, I grabbed my coat off the hook. I don't know why I have a coat, it's not like I would wear it. I guess someone was hoping I would one day have the courage to go outside. And today is the day. I opened door, swiftly shutting it behind me. I found myself short of breath and leaning against the door, how pathetic. I was just going outside. A few steps down the hall I will be outside. Taking a deep breath, my legs took me to the stairs and with that I walked down them. I wasn't even outside yet and adrenaline was pumping through my veins and into my blood. It was weighing me down, my body was in shut down mode as I walked towards the door. I lifted my weak arm to the hook and twisted it around. Then, grabbing the handle, I opened the door. The cool breeze nipped at my face and I was glad I brought my coat but annoyed I didn't wear a scarf. That is because I don't own a scarf.. maybe I should purchase one whilst I'm out.

I walked over to the grocery store brad was probably at. It was just across the road. All I needed to do was cross a simple road. There was no traffic, which made it better. There were people outside, but nobody was staring at me which lifted a light weight off of my shoulders. My feet moved before my brain had time to process what I was doing, and before I new it I was across the road.

"Theresa!" I heard an unfamiliar voice shout me. I felt physically sick and walked in to the shop without thinking.

(Authors note: ok this is also a little chapter just so I can get the point across easily without it taking ages!

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