Double Trouble<3

Sara and Liza are twins who have always stuck together even when their world seemed to be falling apart. Even though they look alike they have completely different tastes. Being separated for 7 years while their parents went through their divorce was a difficult time that broke Sara down to the point where she now has scars along her left arm. After their father death Sara has to move back with her mother and sister, happy to see her sister again but not as thrilled to learn of her mother's fiance. Will her sister's love stop her from her self harm? Will love be able to show the girls that life isn't always so grey? Read and find out! :)


5. Too much of you...

Sara's POV:

It was dreadfully Monday morning and I wasn't in any kind of hurry to wake up. It took my brother to pull me out of bed for me to decide it was time to get up. I pinned my blonde hair back into a pony tail and looked for an outfit. I found my favorite ripped skinny jeans and my black tank top with "Love is Dead" written on the front of it. I got dressed then walked downstairs to see my mother kissing Vince goodbye which made me sick. My sister pulled me by my arm out the door to the car. 
"You've wasted a bunch of time!" She groaned.
I just laughed getting into the car. We pulled away from the house and drove to school. Liza and Bristle were talking about cheerleading and the game Friday night. When we got to school I walked to the main office to pick up my schedule. 
"Liza what are you doing in here shouldn't you be in class?" I think a teacher said.
"I'm not Liza...." I mumbled.
"As if I haven't heard that one before." She walked away. I flicked her off but no one saw.
"Sara?" A familiar voice said from behind the desk.
"Louis?" I questioned turning around to see him.
"Flipping teachers off isn't really nice." He laughed.
"Has Liza tried to be me before?" I groaned.
"Yeah many times actually. Do you want this or would you rather wait for me to show you your classes?" He smiled cheekily.
"I'll take that and wait." I smiled at him.
Just like I said I waited for him to finish whatever he was doing so he could show me to my classes. He stopped at my first class and I peered in to see the curly boy. He smiled at me then pushed me inside. 
"Miss Valentine what are you doing in this class....Oh wait are you Sara?" Her eyes widened.
"Yes ma'am..." I mumbled.
"Okay then take a seat next to Mr. Styles." She pointed at Harry.
I sat down and noticed him smiling hardcore at me. I tried my hardest not to turn and look at him but the urge was too great. 
"Yes Harry?" I questioned.
"Seems like everyone keeps mistaking you for Liza.." He mumbled.
"Yeah it's starting to get real annoying specially since they don't believe me when I say I'm Sara." I muttered frowning.
"Why don't you just dye your hair or something so they can tell you guy apart?" He smiled at me before looking back at his book. 
That was a good idea but my mother always said she'd never let one of us dye our hair because she loves us looking exactly alike. Liza enjoyed it because she always got out of trouble saying it was me not her. During math class I found myself sitting next to this girl who was very pretty and I was surprised she wasn't a cheerleader. He name was Lacy. She asked me if I was the famous Sara or if I was Liza. I told her I was Sara and she smile in delight and gave me her number. After that I was in a daze all the way until art class. I took my seat and stared off into space again. Then I felt someone shake me gently. 
"Sara?" That voice was familiar.
"Hi Zayn..." I smiled at him. 
"I didn't expect to see you here." He laughed.
"Why do you say that?" I tilted my head in confusion. 
"Well because I thought you'd be taking the same kind of classes like Liza." 
"We don't have the same kind of interests." I shook my head. 
"I can see that now." He laughed. 
After school Liza and Kevin had practice so I decided to walk home alone. I wandered into town just looking around went I came across the drug store. I walked inside and looked at the hair dyes. I felt someone touch my shoulder causing me to jump in fright. 
"Thinking about what I suggested?" Harry had a huge grin on his face.
"My mother will never buy this for me.." I mumbled.
"Then here I'll do it." He smiled grabbing the color I was looking at and walked up to the counter to pay for it. At first I just stood there unsure what to do then I ran over to him.
"You don't have to..." I tried to stop him.
"I want to." He smiled as the cashier gave him the dye in a bag and his change.
We walked out of the store and he handed me the bag. I felt silly and just stared at the ground as we passed by. 
"Wait aren't you suppose to be in practice?" I questioned.
"Yeah but Kevin asked me to get some things for the team..." He grunted. 
My brother doesn't seem to take Harry serious....or he finds him as a threat. He said goodbye to me then made his way back to school. I walked inside and noticed no one was home except me so I decided to dye my hair. I followed the instructions and 2 hours later I was sitting in my room listening to my music.

Louis's POV:

After practice we headed over to Kevin's house. Liza was talking to me about Sara again. She really loves her sister. Niall couldn't keep his eyes off of Liza which made me a little bit jealous. We walked inside and noticed the lights were all off. 
"Sara loves the dark." Liza joked turning the lights on. "That's why she's so pale." 
"That would explain a lot." Niall laughed. Liza looked at him and smiled. 
"Hey Lou can you go check on her?" Kevin asked jumping on his couch with Bristle glued to his side.
"Yeah sure." I muttered. 
I walked up the stairs and turned right into her room. The light was on. I looked around and found her sitting on the floor by the wall with her eyes closed listening to music.

I had to do a double take because of her newly brown hair. 
"Sara?" I gently shook her.
"Mhmm...?" She blinked a few times before opening her eyes and looking up at me. "Louis?"
"Yeah..." I laughed. "It's me."
"What are you doing in my bedroom? Am I dreaming again?" I could tell she was still out of it.
"No you aren't dreaming...Kevin told me to come check up on you." I smiled as she stood up.
"Are they downstairs?" She questioned looking in the mirror at herself.
"Yeah they are.." 
She walked past me and I noticed her left arm. I wanted to stop her and ask her about it but she was half way down the stairs already. 

Sara's POV:

I walked down the stairs and it felt like my heart was going to explode out of my chest because I knew I was about to get yelled at. Harry saw me first and walked over to me with a smile on his face. 
"I like this color on you Sara." He said scooping up some of my hair in his hand. 
"Sarabeth!" My brother's voice scared me. "What the hell did you do?!" 
"I dyed my hair...." I mumbled softly.
"Mother isn't going to be pleased!" 
"How could you do that? Now everyone will be able to tell us apart!" Liza whined.
"I think that was the point...." Harry muttered.
"Stay out of this Harry." My brother hissed.
Harry shut his mouth and turned his head away. Louis came down the rest of the steps and stared at Harry.
"What's going on?" He asked me. Not my brother but me. 
"Harry was sticking up for my choice and Kevin told him to stay out of it..." I mumbled. 
Louis looked at Harry then back at Kevin. Kevin looked very upset with me.
"Come on Harry lets go." Louis said without saying anything else. 
"I think we should go too..." Liam said pulling Niall out the door leaving Bristle, Liza, and Kevin.
"This is all your fault!" Liza whined and ran upstairs. 
Kevin shook his head angrily and took Bristles hand leading her upstairs. I stood there for a few seconds then called Lacy. I asked her to come over. About twenty minutes later the doorbell rang. I answered it and her eyes widened.
"I love your hair!" She said taking some of it in her hands.
"Thanks at least someone does..." I mumbled.
"Liza doesn't because she can't pretend to be you anymore does she?" She laughed and I just shook my head. We sat in my living room talking and playing video games then my mother came home.
"Sarabeth what the hell did you do to your hair!?" My mother yelled. 
"You don't like it....?" I mumbled. 
"Of course I don't!" 
"Sweetheart like her be. It's hard being a twin she probably just wanted to be herself." Vince said which really surprised me.
"I have to go home now. I'll see you tomorrow Sara!" Lacy said heading out the door. I smiled and walked up to my bedroom. I plopped down on my bed and smiled at the ceiling.

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