Double Trouble<3

Sara and Liza are twins who have always stuck together even when their world seemed to be falling apart. Even though they look alike they have completely different tastes. Being separated for 7 years while their parents went through their divorce was a difficult time that broke Sara down to the point where she now has scars along her left arm. After their father death Sara has to move back with her mother and sister, happy to see her sister again but not as thrilled to learn of her mother's fiance. Will her sister's love stop her from her self harm? Will love be able to show the girls that life isn't always so grey? Read and find out! :)


7. Secrets in the dark.

A/N This is what Sara looks like now~

Sara's POV:

The morning sun burned through my closed eyes waking me up. I groaned but noticed that neither my sister or my brother came in to wake me up. They must still be mad at me... I sighed and heard my phone go off. I rolled over to answer it. It was a text message from Harry.
From: Harry(:
Hey wanna walk to school together?
To: Harry(:
Sure :)

I jumped up and got dressed in some shorts with a blue tank top. I finished putting my converse on when I heard Bristle talking to Liza.
"Are you okay Liz? Bristle asked.
"Yeah I'm just mad at my sister. I can't get out of anything now!" She whined. 
I rolled my eyes and grabbed my bag then headed out the door. The sun was really warm today. Harry stood at the end of our driveway with a sweet smile on his face. I smiled back at him while walking towards him.
"Good morning Harry." I said as we started walking.
"Good morning Sara. Was everything okay after we left?" He asked putting his hands in his pockets.
"I guess so..." I sighed. "They are still mad at me though..." 
"I'm sure they'll get over it." He smiled at me.
"SARA!!!" I heard someone yell behind us. I turned around to see Lacy.
"Hey Lace." I giggled.
"I keep having to do a double take every time I see you now." She laughed.
"But you gotta admit it looks great on her." Harry said causing me to blush.
"Yeah I agree." Lacy smiled. 
I groaned as we made it to school. I saw my sister and brother pull into the same spot we pulled into yesterday.
"Sara!" Kevin yelled at me.
"What?" I said crossing my arms.
"You were suppose to ride with us not walk with some pieces of trash." He hissed. I knew he was just upset. He didn't mean it...right?
"Dude chill I asked her to walk with me today." Harry said.
"Stay away from my sister Styles." Kevin pulled me by my hand over to the car.
I looked over at Harry and Lacy they didn't look happy. 
"You can't tell me who I can and can't be friends with Kevin!" I yelled.
"He doesn't want to be your friend he wants to get inside your pants! I bet he's the one who gave you the idea to dye your hair too! It's because he doesn't like blondes!" My brother's voice scared me so much.
I pushed him away from me and ran away. I tried fighting the tears in my eyes. I found myself at the field. I sat down under the bleachers and started to cry. I just wanted to go back to New York. I wanted my father back. 
"Sara?" I looked up to see Louis.
"Please leave me alone..." I buried my face back inside my arms and knees. Then I felt someone embracing me. 
"What's wrong?" He asked.
"Nothing..." I whipped the tears off my face.
"You're lying." He looked down at me. "Is it Kevin?"
I just nodded.
"I can fix that." He smiled at me then kissed my forehead. He stood up and extended his hand to me. I took it lifting myself back to my feet. He went towards the locker room while I went to the Art room. I peeked in and saw Zayn.
"Aren't you suppose to be in class?" He asked without looking away from his painting.
"I could say the same thing to you." I smiled and sat next to him. He looked over at me then back at his painting.
"Why were you crying?" He asked.
I groaned.
I nodded.
"Oh well I like your hair." He turned back to me and smiled.

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