Double Trouble<3

Sara and Liza are twins who have always stuck together even when their world seemed to be falling apart. Even though they look alike they have completely different tastes. Being separated for 7 years while their parents went through their divorce was a difficult time that broke Sara down to the point where she now has scars along her left arm. After their father death Sara has to move back with her mother and sister, happy to see her sister again but not as thrilled to learn of her mother's fiance. Will her sister's love stop her from her self harm? Will love be able to show the girls that life isn't always so grey? Read and find out! :)


3. Nice to meet you?

Sara's POV:

I walked off the bleachers in search of my brother so I could give him a hug of congrats. I walked through the endless halls until I found the locker room. I opened the door to find the Football(Soccer) players. I saw Kevin, he had his hoodie and shorts on already. I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around him hugging him. 
"S-Sara?" He said in shock.
"Congrats on the win." I smiled at him letting him go.
"Thanks but you really shouldn't come back here like that." He laughed.
"Why not?" I tilted my head confused.
"Because guys could be undressing." 
"Kevin who's this?" I heard a strong accent voice ask behind me. 
"Louis this is Sara." 
"Nice to meet you Sara." He held out his hand towards me.
"Is this the hot Louis or the only thinks about one thing Louis?" I asked my brother while shaking Louis's hand. 
"Only thinks about one thing?" Louis shot a glare at my brother.
"I don't know what she's talking about..." Kevin glared at me.
Did I say something wrong? 
"Come with me Sara, I'll introduce you to the other mates." Kevin pulled me away from Louis. "Be careful on what you say will you?!" 
"Not my fault you and Liza have two different thoughts about the same guy!" I stuck my tongue out. 
He pulled me over to some guys sitting on the benches. One had curly hair, one had blonde hair, and the other had short kind of hair. 
"Harry, Niall, Liam, this is my sister Sara." Kevin said pushing me a little bit forward. 
"H-hi..." I mumbled looking at my feet.
"Aw she's shy how cute!" The blonde one laughed.
"Niall don't be rude!" The curly one nudged him.
"Sorry." He laughed. 
"Don't mind them. They're always like this." Liam I believed said smiling at me. "Are you a student here now?" 
"Starting Monday yes." I said looking back up at them.
"Are you twins with Liza or something?" Harry asked.
"Yes we are twins." I giggled.
"That's cool!" Niall said. 
I felt my brother pull me away. As I turned around I saw Bristle and Liza in their cute little cheerleading outfits. Liza was talking to Louis and the moment Bristle saw Kevin she attacked him with a kiss. 
"Great job tonight love." She said as he wrapped his arms around her. 
"Ew..." I groaned and whispered. 
"I think I found the one thing that'll tell me who is who." Louis said looking between us. 
"She's pale and I'm not?" Liza joked. 
"No but that is very true." He laughed. "Your eyes have a tint of green and hers have a tint of blue, even though they are both hazel."
Liza and I widened our eyes. No one has ever noticed that except for us. We said our goodbyes and headed home. I noticed mom and Vince weren't home which displeased me. I stayed in my bedroom on my laptop the rest of the night.

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