Double Trouble<3

Sara and Liza are twins who have always stuck together even when their world seemed to be falling apart. Even though they look alike they have completely different tastes. Being separated for 7 years while their parents went through their divorce was a difficult time that broke Sara down to the point where she now has scars along her left arm. After their father death Sara has to move back with her mother and sister, happy to see her sister again but not as thrilled to learn of her mother's fiance. Will her sister's love stop her from her self harm? Will love be able to show the girls that life isn't always so grey? Read and find out! :)


1. Hello Love(:

Sarabeth *Sara* Valentine~

She lived with her father in New York until he passed away because of a heartattack. Then she moved in with her mother, brother and twin sister in Tampa. She is a selfharmer but hopes that moving back with her sister she'll be able to stop. She doesn't like to be mistaken as Liza.

Elizabeth *Liza* Valentine~

She lives in Tampa with her mother and brother. Her best friend is Bristle. She's really smart and popular but misses her sister. She hasn't had any problem with self harm, the only problem she had was when they were first split apart and that was when she didn't eat for a week. She is also a cheerleader. She loves pretending to be her sister to get out of trouble.

Harry Styles~

He goes to the same school as the Valentine's. He's apart of the football(Soccer) team. Kevin likes to downgrade him but he doesn't really notice it like that. He has a lot of great ideas but they all get shot down by Kevin.

Zayn Malik~

He keeps to himself so he isn't on the football(soccer) team. He is in the art club. He enjoys music, that's one way to catch his attention. He goes to the games only to support his mates. He doesn't understand the game.

Louis Tomlinson~

He is the captain of the Football(soccer) team. He likes to be a rebel and do things to his own accord. He likes to do active things. He has amazing grades and enjoys helping people out. Harry is his best mate and he sometimes notices when Kevin puts him down, he doesn't enjoy it.

Liam Payne~

He is part of the Football(soccer) team. His bestfriend is Niall. He comes off very quiet. He is the one that works out the most and he is the nicest.

Niall Horan~

He is part of the Football(soccer) team. He enjoys food. That's an easy way to get things out of him. He loves to talk to Liza. He finds her very interesting. He loves making jokes even when sometimes they come off as rude.

Kevin Valentine~

He is the twins' older brother. He is part of the football(soccer) team. Bristle is his girlfriend. He doesn't like Vince(Mother's fiance) that much just as Sara. He is a get brother but when it comes to Sara he comes off very tough. He wants to be captain of the team. He also finds Harry as competition. 

Bristle Love~

She is Liza's best friend and Kevin's girlfriend. She is also a cheerleader for the football team. She loves to have fun. She'd do anything to keep her boyfriend happy. 

Lacy Marie~

She isn't a fan of Liza and Bristle. So meeting Sara and realizing that the twins weren't that alike she was happy. Her favorite color is blue. She loves skateboarding and she's on the swim team. She's actually the captain. She finds Cheerleaders useless. She doesn't enjoy Kevin either. (Mostly because they used to date but no one knows. She only ends up telling Sara). 


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