You changed me, almost.

A year and a half has passed and I am trying to cope with my twins. They have changed me,Almost.
I may still be the same girl inside but I am fighting to be a good mum.

It is my birthday in 2 weeks and my dad's tour ends in 1 week. They are coming home to see me. It will be the first time the have seen me in a year and a half. It will be the first time ever they have seen my children.


9. Visiting

When we had arrived home I ran to the phone and called Emma.
"Hey." I said quickly.
"Hi. Don't worry I have the twins. we are just around the corner." She said.
"OMG thank you so much." I squealed. 
"I will be at your house in 2 minutes." She said then hung up.
I stood there waiting at the door ignoring everyone's questions about what I was doing. 
*knock knock*
"Thank you" I shouted as I swung the door open. 
The pushed the buggies into the house with Jessie. I picked my two children up and hugged them both. I hurried into the front room and sat on the floor. 
"When is your dad coming home?" Emma asked.
"He is already home." I muttered.
"I thought you would be happier." Jessie said.
"He is mad at me because of the fight." I mumbled.
"He will get over it." Emma said.
"Look we have to go we left Leo at home with my brother." Jessie said.
"Ok. Bye." I said as they left. 
I didn't move from the floor. Devon and Faith started playing with some toys from their toy box. 
"Angel, Louis is on the phone." Ned shouted. 
I jumped up and ran towards the kitchen, were Ned was stood with a landline in his his hand.
"Hey Louis." I screamed.
"Hi." Louis replied.
"Why did you call?" I asked.
"I just wanted to say. I am going to pretend that yesterday never happened." Louis answered.
"Ok" I smiled.
"So I am still in town we have moved the concert dates. Do you want us to visit?" Louis asked.
"YES" I squealed. 
"Ok be there in ten" Louis said then hung up.

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