Midnight Run

One month after her 17th birthday, Kaila Woods meets a girl named Kylie in the forest behind her house. Kylie brings her to The Heart of the Forest where she meet more people, all claiming to be werewolves. They tell Kaila she's one too. They say her Change will happen on the next full moon. But Kaila doesn't believe them.


2. Chapter Two

The plane is long and boring. We stop in Dallas, Texas, get Starbucks and change flights before another long and boring flight. Bear sits in his orange and black carrier by my feet and sleeps for most of the first flight but wakes up and rips up his duck toy for the second flight. Long story short, Fred the duck doesn't make it to Tennessee. 

When the plane lands in Memphis, we get off and collect our bags. Our couches, boxes, chairs and beds are being shipped on a different plane and they should be here by tomorrow. The floor and I are going to become very close tonight. My mom loads the luggage cart with our suitcases and bear comes out of his carrier so he can stretch his legs. Two little girls in blue and white about five stand next to their mother and squeal when they see my pom, and they ask if they can pet him. I let them and turn to where my mom is grabbing the last suitcase of the conver belt. The girls say thank you and leave with their mom, while my mom begins moving the cart towards to exit. We clear customs and get out of the airport. It's 11:28pm here and about 57 degrees out. Bear pees on a patch of grass before we get in the taxi and drive towards out new house. 

The silver car my mom bought two weeks ago, sits in our driveway. The cab driver helps us with our bags before driving away. My mum unlocks the house and steps in brings in her purple suitcases with her. I let Bear off the leash and he runs into the house sniffing like mad. The house is older, the siding is dark grey, with light grey trim. On the inside the walls are grey and white. The floor is hardwood and carpet. The two bathrooms have while tiles and cream coloured walls. My bedroom has three white walls and the last one is a huge picture, like the video wall thing in the Capitol in The Hunger Games. It's a forest view of my Cali trees. I'm speechless over the wall until my mom comes in.

"Do you like it?" she asks "I had it made for you but I didn't know if you would like it." 

It take me a second to find my voice before I speak

"I love it mom" I say before hugging her "thanks."

Bear walks into my room and sits on my feet. I sit down beside him and pet him. The doorbell rings and my mum leaves to answer it. My zebra suitcase sits next to my window and my black bag sits next to it.

"Kaila, come here please." My mom calls me sounding annoyed and exhausted at the same time.


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